HC Deb 14 February 1940 vol 357 cc777-9W
Captain Plugge

asked the Minister of Information what is the average age and cost of British and German daily newspapers on sale at the present time in Amsterdam, Stockholm, Oslo, Madrid, Rome, and Athens, respectively?

Sir J. Reith

Following is the reply:


British newspapers are available in Amsterdam at about midday on the day of publication and are sold at 15 cents per copy, the "Times" being sold at the same price as the penny papers. The corresponding German papers are sold at the same price and are available between 12 and 36 hours after publication. The first German papers which arrive in the Netherlands are those from West Germany, while Berlin and South German newspapers arrive somewhat later.


British newspapers are available one and a half days after publication and both the "Times" and the penny papers are sold at 50 ore. The German newspapers arrive one day after publication, and their price varies between 15 and 45 ore.


The "Times" and "Telegraph" are sold at 50 ore as in Sweden, and the other newspapers at 25 ore. The reply has not yet been received as regards the German newspapers.


Owing to the political situation and the absence of clearing facilities, neither the British nor French newspapers have been able to reach Madrid since the beginning of the civil war. A service of British newspapers has now been started and is being extended to Barcelona and elsewhere. The exact price at which the papers will be retailed is still uncertain owing to the difficult situation, but it will not exceed that charged before the civil war. An answer is awaited from Madrid concerning the German newspapers.


The price of the "Times" in Athens is 10 drachmae at the newsagents and 12drachmae at the street kiosks. The price of the penny papers varies between 5 and 8 drachmae. The German newspapers sold at between 15 and 20 pfennigs in Germany are retailed at between 3 and 6 drachmae by the newsagents. Up to this week the English papers rarely reached Athens under five days, the average time taken being seven days, while the German papers arrive in three days. The new air mail from London to Paris should reduce considerably the time taken by these papers to reach Athens.


In Rome the "Times" and penny papers are sold at 2 lire each, and they arrive normally three to four days after publication. German newspapers are sold on the same day at 1 lire each.

The whole system under which British newspapers are being sold on the Continent is now under review by the Ministry, and it is hoped that improvements will be effected in the service of newspapers to various countries, and to quantity, selling price, and punctuality.

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