HC Deb 25 October 1939 vol 352 cc1407-10W
Mr. Boothby

asked the Minister of Economic Warfare whether he will arrange to publish a list of the headquarters staff of the Ministry, other than clerical and messengers, stating the salary of each officer?

Mr. Cross

The following is the information asked for in my hon. Friend's question:

R. H. Cross, M.P. 3,000
Sir F. Leith-Ross, G.C.M.G., K.C.B 3,000
Sir George Mounsey, K.C.M.G., C.B., O.B.E 1,450–1,650
Chairman of Committees
The Viscount Finlay, K.B.E. (unpaid).
Sir Edward Crowe, K.C.M.G. (unpaid).
The Right Hon. Sir Horace Rumbold, G.C.B., G.C.M.G., M.V.O. (unpaid).
Heads of Departments.
F. T. A. Ashton-Gwatkin, C.B., C.M.G. 1,150–1,500
C. W. Baxter, C.M.G., M.C. 1,150–1,500
E. M. B. Ingram, C.M.G., O.B.E. 1,150–1,500
D. J. F. Morton, C.M.G., M.C. 1,150–1,500
Sir W. Robinson, K.C.M.G., C.B.E. 1,000
R. J. Stopford 1,000
Other posts (names in alphabetical order).
H. M. Andrews 450
G. S. Baldwin 350
N. Baliol-Scott (salary not yet fixed).
L. G. Barbrook 450
R. J. Batty 450
G. A. Bell 350
Dr. F. C. C. Benham 450
R. E. Bird 350
G. B. Blaker 250–625
E. H. Bliss, B.Sc. 800–1,100
Paymaster Captain J. C. Board-man (Naval pay).
N. R. P. Bonsor 350
Paymaster Captain H. M. Boxer (Naval pay).
Hon. T. H. Brand 900
Hon. M. R. Bridgeman 800
S. H. Brown 350
M. G. Browne 450
H. J. Bruce 450
W. C. Bruce 550–650
J. Buckley 350
H. C. H. Bull (salary not yet fixed).
J. Burgoyne 350
W. A. Burton (unpaid).
J. F. Cahan 350
Mrs. T. Cahan 280
J. Cameron-Curry 350
H. V. Cartwright 350
Sir H. Chilton, G.C.M.G. 800
F. F. Clively 800–1,100
100 allowance.
Captain W. Codrington (unpaid).
A. V. Conrad 350
J. E. Coulson 275–625
H. C. Craft, M.B.E 550–650
D. F. Crawford 800–1,100

V. C. H. Creer 450
G. J. D. R. Cruden 350
N. Crump 450
Mrs. N. Crump 360
G. W. Dainty 550–650
R. A. Daniell 250–625
C. H. Davies, M.B.E., M.C. 800–1,100
J. F. Davis 250–625
J. F. W. Dilke 450
T. D. D. Divine 450
Earl of Droghcda, C.M.G. (salary not yet fixed).
M. M. Du Merton 337–650
L. Duval 450
D. Eccles 450
H. C. Ellis 350
F. J. Farrell 550–650
Hon. C. C. Farrer, O.B.E. 1,150–1,500
H. C. F. Finlayson 450
T. J. Fisher 450
E. J. Gaines 800–1,100
H. T. N. Gaitskell 450
C. Garstang 350
C. B. Gascoin 550–650
Lord Glenconner (salary not yet fixed).
M. A. Greenhill 550–650
E. R. Grove 450
Miss G. E. Gwynne 450–525
N. F. Hall 900
C. J. Hambro (unpaid).
C. A. Harrison 350
T. Hewelcke 450
E. J. Holford-Strevens 800–1,100
J. S. Jefferies 450
S. J. Johnstone 825–905
P. V. Jones 350
Miss M. F. W. Joseph 360
C. Kaul 450
D. Keane 1,800
H. G. Kelsey 800–1,100
L. E. Keyser 450
R. Kimens 450
R. 3. King 550–650
E. S. Kirby 450
Captain J. N. Knox (£50 allowance.) 800–1,100
J. R. G. Lamb 450
N. La w 700
O. L. Lawrence 450
J. B. Legg 550
A. W. Lidderdale 700
A. H. Lincoln 800
T. Lindon 700
H. J. B. Lintott 800–1,100
G. K. Logic 450
A. Lousada 450
P. N. Loxley 275–635
H. O. Lucas 350
J. A. Mann 350
A. D. Marris 300
G. B. Marshall 450
G. H. Maxwell 550–650
C. E. Meager 550–650
E. L. Mercier 800–1,100
R. Morrison 350
J. G. Moxham 350
J. W. Nicholls 275–625
A. W. Nicholson 250–625
E. H. Osborne 550–650
H. A. Ottewill 450
R. H. Owen 800–1,100
C. L. Paine 350
E. N. Plowden 700
L. R. Poole 350

M. Postan 700
Lieut.-Commander R. M. Pryor 450
J. L. Reading 337–650
G. V. Reed 450
D. P. Reilly 275–625
H. M. Ridge 700
H. Ritchie 450
Hon. F. Rodd (unpaid).
G. W. Roskill 700
W. E. Rumble 550–650
D. W. Rutter 350
Sir A. Ryan, K.B.E., C.M.G. 450
J. H. Scanlan 450
C. H. Scott 350
W. F. Scott 350
Dr. H. G. Shatwell 450
T. M. Shelford 350
Paymaster Rear-Admiral Siddalls (Naval pay).
A. J. H. Smith 350
C. H. W. Smith 350
R. Spicer 900
H. N. Sporborg 350
J. A. Spranger 350
Miss I. M. Stedman, O.B.E. 396–634
C. N. Stirling 800–1,100
J. R. N. Stone 350
L. Sturge (salary not yet fixed).
M. J. R. Talbot 275–625
Major L. B. Thomas 700
G. H. Tipper 700
G. E. Trease 450
B. M. C. Trench (salary not yet fixed).
J. M. Troutbeck 800–1,100
E. W. Tunks 350
M. Turner 450
G. H. Villiers 800
J. M. K. Vyvyan 300
D. Ward (salary not yet fixed).
Lieut.-Colonel J. Watson 350
M. Y. Watson 800
I. N. Watts 350
Colonel R. A. B. P. Watts 450
Sir V. Wellesley, K.C.M.G., C.B. 800
Miss O. S. Wells 280
K. I. Wiggs 350
P. Wigram 450
J. H. Williams 45o
T. Willson (salary not yet fixed).
J. Witt 450
C. E. Wrangham 700
R. S. Wright (paid by Bank of England).

The foregoing list includes 65 serving and retired civil servants, diplomatic and consular officers and members of the armed forces; 41 persons connected with commercial and industrial concerns and shipping companies, and 16 with banking and financial houses, and 12 economists. There are also a number of barristers and solicitors and statisticians and other professional men.