HC Deb 08 November 1939 vol 353 cc244-6W
Mr. Creech Jones

asked the Secretary of State for the Colonies what British dependencies have voted grants or made gifts to Great Britain for use in connection with the prosecution of the war; what amounts were borne by the respective Colonies for military, and other such preparation and war emergencies in the year before the outbreak of war; and what amounts have been incurred since?

Mr. M. MacDonald

Since the outbreak of war the following sums have been offered to and gratefully accepted by His Majesty's Government as gifts towards the cost of the war:

His Highness the Sultan of Mukalla 1,500
His Highness the Rajah of Sarawak 116,000
Government of Barbados 25,000
Government of Kedah 116,000

I regret that information is not available in the form asked for in the second part of the question since it is not practicable to extract figures for a period which covers part of two financial years. The statement given below shows, however, the expenditure which Colonial Governments expected to incur on defence measures in the financial year 1939, but it is not possible to give any figures showing separately expenditure since the outbreak of war.

Estimated expenditure of Colonial Governments on military and passive defence measures in1939 (or 1939–40).


  1. (i) The totals given include military contributions from certain Dependencies,
  2. (ii) The figures do not include provision made by special warrant subsequent to approval of the Estimates.

Dependency etc Estimated, Expenditure 1939 or 1939–40. Remarks
Hong Kong 590,625
Malaya 1,399,639
Ceylon 363,187
Aden 22,365 (1) Figures for Colony only.
(2) Of this expenditure approximately £12,500 will be borne by Aden Settlement and Port Trust.
Palestine 47,951 Figure includes £43,000 in respect of Trans-Jordan Frontier Force. Balance of recurrent expenditure on this force and additional extraordinary expenditure due to disturbances are met from grants from United Kingdom funds.
Cyprus 16,016
Malta 19,134 Passive defence measures only.

Dependency etc. Estimated, Expenditure 1939 or 1939–40. Remarks.
Gibraltar 40,500 Passive defence measures only.
Bahamas 2,000
Barbados 4,652
Bermuda 8,779
British Guiana. 6,216
British Honduras. 2,486 £1=$4.02.
Jamaica. 33,738
Leeward Islands. 2,451
Windward Islands. 1,217
Trinidad 14,066
Mauritius 66,037
Seychelles 2,490
Fiji 14,825
Gilbert and Ellice Islands. 126 Ocean and Fanning I'slan'd Defence Forces.
Falkland Islands. 1,843
Kenya 143,096
Uganda 77,388
Tanganyika 136,208
Nyasaland 23,784
Northern Rhodesia. 52,178
Somaliland 69,746
Zanzibar 2,560
Nigeria 340,109
Gold Coast 184,376
Sierra Leone 60,763
Gambia 11,081