HC Deb 07 November 1939 vol 353 cc81-8W
Mr. R. Morgan

asked the Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster whether he can supply a list of the names of the food controllers who have been appointed up to date, together with a list of the principal officers of their staffs and advisory committees, indicating where possible the organisation or trade whom the individual represents?

Sir R. Glyn

asked the Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster how many controls have been set up by his Department and for what purposes; who is in charge of each of these; where have their headquarters been established; and what is the present authorised establishment of each, giving salaried officials and others on a weekly payment basis?

Mr. W. S. Morrison

I attach a schedule giving the particulars desired regarding the commodity organisations set up by the Ministry of Food. The staff figures given represent the staff authorised and employed at present.

These organisations exist for the purpose of maintaining supplies of essential commodities by regulation of home manufacture, by the purchase of supplies from overseas supplies and by arranging for their distribution in the United Kingdom. The operations of the different organisations vary according to the varying circumstances of different trades.

Directors of these organisations and their subordinates became Government employés on appointment and do not represent any organisation or trade. Members of Advisory Committees, although at times selections are made after the advice of trade organisations has been taken, are not appointed to represent such , organisations and their function is to make available to the Department the advice and experience of their trade.

Each of these commodity organisations is under the administrative direction of an Assistant Secretary of the Ministry of Food. A Finance Director responsible to the Financial Secretary to the Ministry is also attached to each organisation.

Commodity. Locality of Head Office. Director or Chairman of Board. Deputy and Assistant Directors. Advisory Committees. Staff.
Salaried Paid Weekly Total
Canned Fish Liverpool Mr. Dan Tobey Mr. Marshall Williams Canned Fish Advisory Committee 4 7 11
Bacon and Ham London Mr. J. F. Bodinnar Mr. H. Martin Lewis (Assistant Director of Bacon Production). Bacon Distribution Advisory Committee 136 225 361*
Mr. J. Kirkpatrick (Assistant Director of Bacon Production). Pigs Advisory Committee
Mr. M. R. Welsh (Assistant Director of Bacon Production).
Mr. E. R. Tidmarsh, C.B.E. (Director of Bacon Imports).
Mr. John Loudon (Assistant Director of Bacon Imports).
Mr. G. Huskisson, D.S.O., M.C. (Director of Bacon Distribution).
Mr. A. S. Warren (Assistant Director of Bacon Distribution.
Mr. J. A. Fox (Director of Pig Supplies). Captain G. Deakin (Assistant Director of Pig Supplies).
Condensed Milk.. London Mr. E. W. Brown, O.B.E. None. National Condensed Milk Advisory Committee. 7 3 10
Cereals London Sir Alan Anderson, G.B.E., M.P. Mr. J. V. Rank (Chairman Cereals Imports Committee). Cereals Control Board Cereals Import Committee 69 58 127†
Mr. J. McFadyen (Chairman Home Grown Cereals Committee). Home Grown Cereals Committee.
Mr. H. D. Vigor (Chairman Flour Mills Control Committee). Flour Control Committee
Feeding-Stuffs London Sir Bryce Burt, CLE., M.B.E. Animal Feeding - Stuffs Advisory (Defence) Committee. 12 4 16
Imported Eggs London Mr. J. A. Peacock Mr. A. E. Howlett Imported Eggs Advisory Committee. 1 1 2
Tea London Sir Hubert Carr, K.C.I.E. None Tea Control Committee 6 8 14
* Mainly staff of the Bacon Marketing Board, Bacon Development Board, and Pigs Marketing Board.
† Mainly staff of Wheat Commission and staffs loaned by Controlled firms.

Commodity. Locality of Head Office. Director or Chairman of Board. Deputy and Assistant Directors. Advisory Committees. Staff.
Salaried Paid Weekly Total
Butter and Cheese London Mr. H. E. Davis Mr. J. W. Rodden (Deputy Director) Butter and Cheese Advisory Committee. 77 39 116
Mr. G. R. P. Wall (Assistant Director of Imports). British Butter Advisory Committee.
Professor E. Capstick, M.C.M.Sc. (Assistant Director of Home Production).
Mr. H. G. Flint (Assistant Director of Distribution).
Potatoes Oxford Captain J. M. Mollett Not yet appointed National Potatoes Advisory Committee. 65 190 255*
Sugar London Lieut.-Colonel F. C. C. Balfour, CLE., C.B.R., M.C. Mr. H. H. Hill (Deputy Director of Sugar Supplies). 37 20 57
Mr. B. A. Forster (Deputy Director Purchases).
Mr. H. J. Sayers (Assistant Director Purchases).
Mr. C. J. L. Lyle (Deputy Director Distribution).
Mr. C. V. Wicks (Assistant Director of Distribution).
Meat and Livestock. London Sir Francis Boys, K.B.E. R. S. Forsyth (Deputy Director Meat and Livestock). Meat Manufacturers' Advisory Committee. 201 75 276
H. S. Turner (Deputy Director Meat and Livestock). Auctioneers (Defence) Committees for England and Wales and for Scotland.
H. Jones (Director of Imported Meat Supplies).
Major W. H. Warman (Chief Livestock Inspector).
C. Oserton (Chief Livestock Supervisor).
A. W. Anderson (Chief Slaughterhouse Supervisor) (England and Wales).
A. F. Smith (Chief Slaughterhouse Supervisor) (Scotland).
* Mainly staff of Potato Marketing Board.

Commodity. Locality of Head Office. Director or Chairman of Board. Deputy and Assistant Directors. Advisory Committees. Staff.
Salaried Paid Weekly Total
Meat and Livestock—cont. London Sir Francis Boys, K.B.E. R. Wood (Wholesale Meat Trade Supervisor) (England and Wales).
W. R. Hunter (Wholesale Meat Trade Supervisor) (Scotland).
H. Wright (Chief Meat Agent) (England and Wales).
D. M. Brown (Chief Meat Agent) (Scotland)
A. G. Short (Director of Manufactured Fats)
A. I. Eastwood (London Wholesale Meat Trade Supervisor).
E. J. Booth (Chief Forwarding Officer)
R. W. Austin (Director of Animal Byproducts).
J. G. Sutherland (Director of Hides and Skins).
Dried Fruits London A. E. Gough, O.B.E. (designate). J. J. S. Scouler Advisory Committee on Dried Fruits. 5 21 26
Oils and Fats London H. Davis J. P. Van den Bergh (Director of Margarine) Margarine and Cooking Fats Advisory Committee. 65 142 207
G. L. Salton (Director of Cooking Fats Distribution). Fat Melters Central Advisory Committee.
Jasper W. Knight (Director of Imported Oils, Fats and Oilseeds).
J. W. Pearson Assistant Trade Directors
A. A. Pratt
J. C. Glover
N. W. Mitchell
S. J. Knowles