HC Deb 02 November 1939 vol 352 cc2131-2W
Mr. Lyons

asked the Minister of Supply how many persons employed in his Department were selected through the central register of the Ministry of Labour; and by whom, or by what selection, were the other appointments made, clerical and messenger staff excluded?

Mr. Burgin

I have interpreted my hon. and learned Friend's question as relating to the staff employed in my Department exclusive of the staffs employed in the various raw materials controls. Since the outbreak of war, when the central register first began to function, the Ministry of Supply has used it to the fullest possible extent for the classes of occupation for which it caters. The number of persons who were selected through this channel is 152.

With regard to the second part of the question, the other appointments referred to have been filled, apart from cases where urgency or special circumstances have called for other arrangements, through normal Departmental machinery by (a) transfers and loans from other Government Departments, (b) candidates successful at the open competitive examinations of the Civil Service Commissioners, and (c) candidates obtained by public advertisement in the Press folloyed by Selection Boards. In addition the Ministry employs a number of serving military officers and other ranks.