HC Deb 07 March 1939 vol 344 cc1939-40W
Mr. R. Gibson

asked the Secretary of State for Scotland whether he will explain the discrepancy between the number of persons convicted for drunkenness in Glasgow in 1937, given by him as 6,605, and the number given by the chief constable of Glasgow in his report for that year, page 44, as 14,055?

Mr. Colville

Following is a statement showing how the figures referred to in the question are made up.

The total of 6,605 given in my reply to the hon. and learned Member on the 17th February is the total number of convictions in the Glasgow Police and Sheriff Courts of offences in which drunkenness formed a specific part of the charge. It is made up as follows:

Drunk and Incapable 6,315
Drunk in charge of a horse, child, etc. 70
Drunk, or Drinking in a She been 2
Drunk and entering a public house 54
Drunk in charge of a motor vehicle 164
Total 6,605

The figure of 14,055 is the number of persons proceeded against but not necessarily convicted in the Glasgow Police Courts for drunkenness and for other offences committed while under the influence of intoxicating liquor. It includes offences in which drunkenness is not a constituent part of the charge, and is shown on page 44 of the Chief Constable's Report for 1937, to be made up as follows:

Assault on Wives 416
Theft 23
Fraud 3
Malicious Mischief 6l
Indecent Exposure 60
Indecent Behaviour 66
Betting 4
*Breach of the Peace 4,307
Contempt of Court 1
Brothels 1
Harbour By-Laws 2
Drunkenness 8,121
Drunk in charge of Horse, etc. 77
Drunk and entering Public House 75
Police Acts (Contraventions) 502
Prostitutes Importuning 28
Road Traffic Act 2
Street Obstructions 4
Tramway Act 1
Begging 262
Vagrancy and Trespass 39
Total 14,055
*Includes Petty Assaults.