HC Deb 13 June 1939 vol 348 c1125W
Mr. R. Morgan

asked the Minister of Labour how the retail price of sugar per fixed for Rome by the competent authorities. For the other countries, the figures represent average retail prices.

Retail Prices of Sugar in various Countries.
Country. Kind of Sugar. Approximate Retail Price per lb. Date to which price relates.
Great Britain and Northern Ireland. Granulated 2 ¾ 1st May, 1939.
Belgium (Average for Country). White lump (Sucre blanc sciérangé) 3.6 15th May, 1939.
Canada (Average for Dominion). Granulated 3.2 Beginning of April, 1939.
Yellow 3.2
Denmark (copenhagen) Crushed lump (Stodt metis) 2.2 April, 1939 (first week).
Estonia (Talinn) Powdered (en poudre) 2.9 April, 1939.
Finland (Average of 36 localities). Refined lump (Raffing, en morceaux). 4.2 April, 1939.
Crystallised (Cristallise) 3.0
France (Paris) Lump (Sucre scie) 4.0 May, 1939.
Germany (Berlin) Coarse, crushed house- hold (Melts, gemahtier, Haushaltszucker). 6.9 19th April, 1939.
Germany (Vienna) Lump (Wiirfelzucker) 7.6
Italy (Rome) Granulated (Semolato) 8.0 1st May, 1939.
Japan (Tokyo) Refined 2.9 15th April, 1939.
Centrifugal 2.4
Norway (Oslo) Refined (Raffinade) 4.1 15th April, 1939.
Moist (Farin) 3.7
Palestine Average for urban households). Granulated 2.0 April, 1939 (middle).
Sweden (Average for Country). Lump (Socker, bit.) 2.7 1st April, 1939.
Switzerland (Berne) Crystallised (Sucre, cristallisé, blanc). 2.7 April, 1939 (end).

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