HC Deb 12 June 1939 vol 348 cc921-3W
Sir R. Glyn

asked the Secretary of State for War (1) whether he will reconsider the existing conditions laid down for troops of anti-aircraft units embodied for 28 days, since under present conditions a man who is called out for 28 days training receives less pay and allowances proportionately than a man who goes for the usual voluntary fortnight's training, which will have an adverse effect upon recruiting for the anti-aircraft regiment if men, who are fully prepared to suffer financial hardship as well as inconvenience to promote the efficient defence of this country, find that the pay and allowances they receive are in fact on a lower grade compared with those of soldiers in other branches of the Territorial Army called out for a short period of service;

(2) whether his attention has been called to the fact that the £5 embodiment bounty which is being paid to men of anti-aircraft units embodied for 28 days in lieu of the annual proficiency grant results in soldiers of these units receiving only £2 more than soldiers of Territorial units of the field Army who are carrying out their normal undertaking of a fort- night in camp; and whether he will consider paying the £5 bounty in addition to the £3 proficiency grant so that a man might send his family on holiday for a short period, since in many cases these men, called up for 28 days, are unable to obtain or to afford extra time from their normal employment to profit by the holidays with pay scheme in which the rest of their family would benefit?

Mr. Hore-Belisha

The conditions of service of Territorial units called up under the Reserve and Auxiliary Forces Act, 1939, are those laid down for the embodiment of those forces. In some cases, they give certain advantages which are not applicable to Territorials doing their annual camp: though, on the other hand, certain camp allowances are not issuable in addition. While it is desired to make conditions under which the Territorial Army are serving as generous and popular as possible, there are obvious difficulties in the way of giving the benefits of both sets of regulations at the same time.

In addition to the normal daily emoluments issuable in either case—

(1) A Territorial officer receives, directly or indirectly:

  1. (i) For normal training.
    1. (a) A grant of £5 in aid of expenses of the officers mess (£4 in the case of officers undergoing training at Royal Artillery practice camps who utilise the regular messes which have been equipped from a grant made from Army funds).
    2. (b) Camp furniture allowance varying from Is. to 2s. 9d. a day according to rank.
  2. (ii) For the month's embodied ser vice.
    1. (a) A gratuity of £5.
    2. (b) Furniture, crockery, etc., for the officers mess provided from public funds.
    3. (c) Camp kit allowance of £5, if not already received, for the purchase of the necessary kit.
    4. (d) Family lodging allowance for married officers over 30 years of age varying from 6s. to 9s. 6d. a day according to rank.

(2) A Territorial soldier receives, directly or indirectly:

(i) For normal training.

If a trained man:

  1. (a) £3 for camp and certain drills.
  2. (b) 10s. for weapon training.
  3. (c) £1 10s. for extra drills.
  4. (d) 6s. 10½d. for special messing allowance (at the rate of 5½d. a day for 15 days).

If a recruit:

  1. (a) £3 for camp and certain drills.
  2. (b) 10s. for weapon training.
  3. (c) 6s. 10½d. special messing allowance.

(ii) For the month's embodied service.

If a trained man:

  1. (a) £5 embodiment gratuity.
  2. (b) 10s. for necessaries.
  3. (c)£1 10s. for extra drills.
  4. (d) 10s. for weapon training.
  5. (e) 15s. for other drills.
  6. (f) 5s. 2d. kit allowance (at the rate of Is. 3½d. a week).

If a recruit:

  1. (a) £5 embodiment gratuity.
  2. (b)10s. for necessaries.
  3. (c) 10s. for weapon training.
  4. (d) 12s. 6d. for drills.
  5. (e) 5s. 2d. kit allowance.

Family allowance to married Territorial soldiers is issuable:

  • Under (i), subject to a minimum age, at present 21.
  • Under (ii), without restriction as to age.