HC Deb 22 February 1939 vol 344 cc381-2W
Sir J. Smedley Crooke

asked the Minister of Labour how many disabled ex-service men are employed under the King's National Roll Scheme in the following districts: Greater London, Birmingham, Liverpool, Manchester, Hull, Leeds, Bradford, Oldham, Ashton-under-Lyne, Salford, Burnley, Wigan, Southport, Blackpool, Stoke-on-Trent, and Halifax?

Mr. E. Brown

The following is the information desired:

Greater London 79,126
Birmingham 10,740
Liverpool (including Bootle) 5,272
Manchester 10,350
Hull 1,829
Leeds 3,734
Bradford 2,772
Oldham 1,427
Ashton-under-Lyne 429
Salford 1,568
Burnley 504
Wigan 306
Southport 202
Blackpool 392
Stoke-on-Trent 503
Halifax 935

In certain cases where firms give comprehensive undertakings covering all their branches the figures for the whole undertakings are given under the district in which the enrolment is recorded by the Local King's Roll Committee.

Disabled ex-Service men employed by Government Departments and the four great railways who are engaged in various districts throughout the country are not included in the figures quoted.

Sir J. Smedley Crooke

asked the Minister of Labour what percentage of local authorities are not members of the King's National Roll and the number this represents; how many of the authorities might reasonably be expected to enrol; what steps are actually being taken in the matter at present; and can he suggest any further powers that might be granted to him to complete the enrolment of all local authorities?

Mr. E. Brown

About half the total number of local authorities are members of the King's National Roll. The great majority of those not enrolled have very few employés and the number of authorities not enrolled who might reasonably be expected to enrol is considered to be about 9 per cent. of this total.

Local King's Roll Committees in the areas of these authorities have the question of securing enrolment constantly under review and the matter is raised with the authorities at favourable opportunities. The position is also reviewed by the King's Roll National Council from time to time and action is taken whenever appropriate. In the circumstances, I think that all practicable steps are being taken in the matter.

Sir J. Smedley Crooke

asked the Financial Secretary to the Treasury how many disabled ex-service men are employed by Government Departments under the King's National Roll Scheme; and how many of the men are employed in the Greater London area?

Captain Wallace

The latest figures in my possession are those for 1st April, 1938, when the number of disabled men employed by Government Departments, exclusive of industrial staff, was 47,766. I regret that I have no information readily available as to the location of their employment.

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