HC Deb 20 February 1939 vol 344 cc43-4W
Mr. Cartland

asked the Minister of Health whether he will give particulars for the following authorities in England and Wales, showing the number who have and have not submitted five-year programmes in accordance with Circular No. 1687, their populations and the total amount of the capital sums which such programmes would require: corporation of the City of London, London County Council; London

Number and Class of Authority. Estimated Population. Total amount of capital expenditure provisionally included in the programmes.
Returns submitted by 11th February, 1939. £
16 Metropolitan Borough Councils 2,351, 700 19,836,786
47 County Councils 17,332,900 137,975,247
52 County Borough Councils 8,502,900 217,917,143
176 Non County Borough Councils 5,936,100 80,813,823
311 Urban District Councils 4,608,500 47,276,906
240 Rural District Councils 3,803,900 29,438,786
34 Catchment Boards * 3,437,853
150 Drainage Boards * 228,523
247 Other Bodies * 20,833,488
Returns not submitted by nth February, 1939.
London County Council 4,094,500
Corporation of the City of London 9,400
12 Metropolitan Borough Councils 1,733,400
14 County Councils 6,179,200
31 County Borough Councils 4,921,600
130 Non County Borough Councils 2,788,900
264 Urban District Councils 2,998,200
236 Rural District Councils 3,376,500
15 Catchment Boards *
243 Drainage Boards *
178 Other Bodies *
* Figures not available.

Note.—In the above table the population in each Administrative County, including London, is accounted for twice, as the area of administration of each County Council is coterminous with the aggregate of the areas administered by the Rating Authorities in that county.

population based on similar numbers at each age group, for the same periods?

Mr. Ramsbotham

The figures required are as follow:

boroughs, county councils, county boroughs, boroughs, urban and rural district councils, catchment boards, drainage boards, and other bodies?

Mr. Elliot

The following table gives the particulars asked for by my hon. Friend as to the authorities in England and Wales which have or have not submitted to the Ministry of Health returns showing provisional programmes of capital expenditure covering the five years commencing 1st April, 1938: