HC Deb 07 December 1939 vol 355 cc827-8W
Sir T. Moore

asked the Chancellor of the Exchequer what are the categories of ships on which the serving men do not enjoy the privilege of buying cigarettes duty free?

Sir J. Simon

His Majesty's sea-going ships in commission of the following categories areentitled to receive mess and canteen stores duty free:

  1. (1) Home Fleet.
  2. (2) Ships belonging to foreign stations when in home waters.
  3. (3) Fishery protection and minesweeping flotillas.
  4. (4) Fleet Air Arm.
  5. (5) Irish flotilla.
  6. (6) Surveying ships with full complements.
  7. (7) Vessels on detached duty.
  8. (8) Trooping vessels, while engaged on this duty.
  9. (9) Vessels of the Reserve Fleet at standard notice; also—
    1. (a) Ships of the Vice-Admiral Commanding, Reserve Fleet, at Portsmouth, and of the Senior Officer, Reserve Fleet, at Plymouth, and the Nore, whether at standard or extended notice; and
    2. 828
    3. (b) any ship of the Reserve Fleet, whether at standard or extended notice, while being used as a living ship exclusively for the crews of ships at standard notice.
  10. (10) Tenders to harbour ships and shore establishments, if regularly seagoing.
  11. (11) Submarines and submarine depot ships, if regularly sea-going, attached to a home port.
  12. (12) Ships undergoing refit while remaining in full commission.
  13. (13) Ships commissioned for sea trials after refit.
  14. (14) Surveying ships with winter complements.
  15. (15) Anti-submarine flotilla.
  16. (16) Sea-going ships, not in reserve, with special complements.

Ships of the following categories are not entitled to receive mess and canteeen stores duty free:

  1. (i) New construction vessels (whether contract or dockyard built) commissioned for trials, i.e. before full commissioning for service.
  2. (ii) Ships on harbour service, including tenders not regularly sea-going.
  3. (iii) Hulks.
  4. (iv) Ships paid off for refit or large repair.
  5. (v) Ships of the Maintenance Reserve and at extended notice (with the exceptions shown in category (9) above).
  6. (vi) All other ships not included in categories 1–16 above.