HC Deb 04 August 1939 vol 350 cc2834-6W
Sir J. Smedley Crooke

asked the Minister of Labour whether he will state the numbers of disabled ex-service men registered as unemployed at employment exchanges at 1st July, 1938, and 1st July, 1939; the numbers of the adult male general insured population registered as unemployed at the same dates; and the percentage of reduction in the numbers registered as unemployed in each group?

Mr. Lennox-Boyd

At 4th July, 1938, there were 29,925 unemployed disabled ex-service men on the registers of Employment Exchanges in Great Britain. The corresponding figure for 3rd July, 1939, was 26,220, showing a decrease of 12.4 per cent.

Figures in respect of all unemployed insured men aged 21-64, are not available for these dates, but at 18th July, 1938, and 10th July, 1939, the totals were 1,226,908 and 884,096 respectively, showing a decrease of 27.9 per cent.

The rate of unemployment among disabled ex-service men in July, 1939, was 7 per cent. as compared with 9.7 per cent. among all insured men aged 21 to 64.

Sir J. Smedley Crooke

asked the Minister of Labour whether he will state

Numbers on registers at
4th July, 1938. 3rd July, 1939.
(1) Applicants for unemployment benefit or allowances 11,927 11,078
(2) Persons not applying for benefit or allowances* 856 925
(3) Total on register 12,783 12,003
(4) Number of applicants included in (1) above who had been unemployed for twelve months or moref† 5,184
* The numbers not entitled to unemployment benefit or allowances are not known.
†Corresponding figures are not available in respect of persons who were not applicants for insurance benefit or unemployment allowances. Of the persons who have been on the register for extended periods a proportion will have had one or more short spells of employment, lasting not more than three days each, during such periods.
‡ Figure for 4th July, 1938, is not available but at 3rd January, 1938, the number was 5,572.

Sir J. Smedley Crooke

asked the Minister of Labour whether he will state the numbers of disabled ex-service men employed under the King's National Roll Scheme in the services of Government departments and local authorities, respectively, at July, 1938, and July, 1939; and the numbers of men in categories B and C who have been found employment in those services during the past 12 months?

Mr. Lennox-Boyd

The numbers of such men employed by Local Authorities at 4th July, 1938 and 3rd July, 1939, were 35,745 and 36,743 respectively. The numbers employed in Government Departments are recorded to April of each year; no information is available relating to July. I regret that records are not kept containing the information asked for in the last part of the question.

the numbers of disabled ex-service men considered fit for light work but unable to follow their normal occupations who were registered as unemployed at July, 1938, and July, 1939; the numbers of such men who had been on the registers for 12 months or longer at the same dates; and the numbers who were not entitled to unemployment benefits or assistance?

Mr. Lennox-Boyd

The figures given in the Table below relate to unemployed disabled ex-service men in Great Britain whose disability would prevent them from returning to their usual occupation but would not preclude them from employment on light work under ordinary industrial or commercial conditions.

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