HC Deb 04 August 1939 vol 350 c2834W
Major Carver

asked the Minister of Agriculture what steps have been taken up to date under the Milk Marketing Scheme and what steps are in contemplation to advertise the desirability of drinking more milk and, in particular, milk that is safe, tested and tubercle free, with the object of accelerating the movement to clean up dairy herds in this country?

Sir R. Dorman-Smith

The Milk Marketing Board has carried out widespread advertising campaigns, with which my hon. and gallant Friend will probably be familiar, in the Press and through posters, has, in conjunction with the National Milk Publicity Council, organised "milk weeks," lectures and cinema shows and has distributed propaganda material for dairies and milk bars.

The Board has also raised funds for an educational campaign to assure parents of school children that the source and quality of school milk supplies are approved by the school medical officers. In addition, special literature dealing with tuberculin-tested and accredited milk has been provided for dairymen for distribution to consumers and a news service has been organised on behalf of producers of graded milk. In view of the encouraging results, the Board contemplates a continuance and extension of the work.