HC Deb 10 February 1938 vol 331 cc1280-1W
Mr. Mander

asked the Attorney-General whether he will state the number of petty sessional divisions in which there are at present no women magistrates; and what progress has been made in recent years?

The Attorney-General

There are 36 county petty sessional divisions and three borough divisions to which women justices have not as yet been allocated, a decrease of nine in the counties and five in the boroughs since the answer given to the hon. Member on the 27th February, 1936.

Mr. Hall-Caine

asked the Attorney-General whether any new advice on retire ment has recently been tendered to magistrates who, owing to age or infirmity, are no longer able effectively to discharge their duties; and what has been the response to his appeal already published?

The Attorney-General

Upon the instructions of the Lord Chancellor a Circular letter was issued on 1st January last, as to the course that should be taken by Justices who, owing to age or infirmity or other causes, are no longer able effectively to discharge their duties in Court. Meetings of Justices have been and are to be held to consider the terms of this Circular and 356 Justices have already tendered their resignation from respective Commissions of the Peace on

The approximate net amount of entertainments duty collected during each month of the calendar year 1937 was as follows:—

Month. At full rates. At reduced rates under Section 1 (3) of the Finance Act, 1935. * Unclassified. Total.
£ £ £ £
January 577,000 149,000 21,000 747,000
February 492,000 98,000 20,000 610,000
March 501,000 87,000 21,000 606,000
April 661,000 102,000 20,000 783,000
May 542,000 74,000 14,000 630,000
June 434,000 64,000 10,000 508,000
July 551,000 84,000 12,000 647,000
August 478,000 85,000 26,000 589,000
September 617,000 103,000 14,000 734,000
October 659,000 112,000 20,000 791,000
November 518,000 97,000 15,000 630,000
December† 455,000 84,000 25,000 564,000
Total‡ 6,485,000 1,139,000 218,000 7,842,000
* These figures represent the amounts collected from the sale of Entertainment Duty Stamps by the Post Office and no information is available as to the nature of the entertainment for which the stamps are required.
† Figures subject to correction.