HC Deb 02 December 1938 vol 342 cc742-5W
Mr. Gibson

asked the Secretary of State for Scotland how many committees connected with the Scottish Office are now in being; will he state the name of each committee and its chairman; whether the committee is classified as departmental, advisory, or otherwise; whether it is a statutory committee or not; when it was appointed; when it last reported and when its final report is expected; and whether it consists of or includes representatives of interests concerned?

Mr. Colville

There are 40 Committees connected with the Departments under my jurisdiction of which 35 are Standing Committees and five Committees of Inquiry.

Particulars of the Standing Committees are as follows.
Committee. Chairman. First appointed.
Scottish Office.
1. *Scottish Records Advisory Council Keeper of the Registers and Records of Scotland ex officio. 1938
2. *Gretna State Management District Local Advisory Committee. Mr. W. Fergus Graham, J.P. 1921
3. *Cromarty Firth State Management District Local Advisory Committee. Ex-Provost D. A. M. Ross 1921
4. Wild Birds Protection Advisory Committee. Mr. H. S. Gladstone, F.Z.S., F.R.S. 1920
5. Scottish Central Council of Juvenile Organisations. Rt. Hon. Lord Polwarth, C.B.E., LL.D. 1919
6. Scottish Central After-Care Council 1931
7. Scottish Central Probation Council 1932
8. Advisory Committee Scottish National Portrait Gallery. Hon. Sir Hew H. Dalrymple, K.C.V.O., H.R.S.A. 1938
Scottish Education Department.
9. *Advisory Council Dr. J. B. Clark 1920
Department of Health.
10. *Consultative Council No. I (Local Health Administration and General Health Questions). Sir Henry Alexander, LL.D. 1920
11. *Consultative Council No. II (Medical and Allied Services). Vacant 1920
12. *Consultative Council No. III (National Health Insurance (Approved Societies' Work)). James Webster, Esq., J.P. 1920
13. *Consultative Council No. IV (Health of the People in the Highlands and Islands). Vacant 1920
14. *Advisory Distribution Committee (To advise on the distribution of certain medical benefit funds). Sir Wm. Marshall 1920
15. *Therapeutic Substances Act Advisory Committee. Dr. T. Carnwath 1926
16. *Scottish Housing Advisory Committee Sir Henry Alexander, LL.D. 1935
17. Scottish Advisory Committee on Welfare of the Blind. J. M. Rusk, Esq., O.B.E. 1918
18. Scottish Advisory Committee on Rivers Pollution Prevention. Sir William Whyte, O.B.E. 1928
19. Scientific Advisory Committee Vacant 1929
20. Drugs Advisory Committee (To advise on drugs in relation to medical benefit). Professor A. J. Clark, F.R.S. 1933
21. Scottish Architectural Advisory Committee. John R. Richmond, Esq. 1934
22. Inland Water Survey Committee (Inter-Departmental). Col. Sir Henry Lyons, F.R.S. 1935
23. Advisory Committee on Nutrition (Inter-Departmental). Lord Luke, K.B.E. 1935
24. Advisory Committee on Post-Graduate Courses for Insurance Practitioners. Dr. J. M. Johnston 1937
Department of Agriculture.
25. *Consumers' Committee for Scotland Sir John Lorne Macleod, G.B.E., J.P. 1933
26. *Committee of Investigation for Scotland (Agricultural Markering). Mr. A. O. M. Mackenzie, K.C. 1933
27. *Agricultural Marketing Facilities Committee for Scotland. Sir John Milne Home 1933
28. Standing Committee of Management Plant Registration Station. G. G. Mercer 1921
29. The Selection Committee for the award of scholarships to the Sons and Daughters of Agricultural Workers and Others. Departmental 1922
30. Egg Laying Test Advisory Committee Departmental 1923
31. Horticultural Advisory Committee R. L. Scarlett, C.D.A. 1927
32. Committee appointed to revise annually the tables of residual values of feeding stuffs and fertilisers. Professor J. Hendrick 1928

Committee. Chairman. First appointed.
Department of Agriculture—contd.
33. Advisory Committee on Pork and Bacon Production in Scotland. Mr. J.E.B. Cowper 1929
34. Improvement of Live Stock (Licensing of Bulls) Advisory Committee. Departmental 1931
35. Scottish Agricultural Advisory Council Departmental 1934

The above Committees marked with an asterisk are statutory and the remainder are non-statutory. All are classified as Departmental or (in certain cases) Inter-Departmental Committees: they act primarily or solely in an advisory capacity and report—formally or informally—from time to time as circumstances may require. In all appropriate cases the Committees consist of or include representatives of the interests concerned.

The Committees of Inquiry now in being are as follow.
Committee. Chairman. First appointed. Report.
Rehabilitation of Persons injured in Accidents. Sir M. Delevigne, K.C.B., K.C.V.O. 1936 Interim Report May, 1937, Final Report expected in 1939.
Local Government and Public Health Consolidation (Scotland) Committee. Sir John Jeffrey, K.C.B., K.B.E. 1937 First report expected in 1939.
Committee on Rag Flock Acts The Rt. Hon. Lord Merthyr, D.L., J.P. 1938 Report expected in 1939.
Scottish Building Costs Committee. James Barr, Esq., F.S.I. 1938 Report expected early in 1939.
Lunacy and Mental Deficiency (Scotland) Committee. Hon. Lord Russell 1938 Report expected in 1940.

The above are Departmental or Inter-Departmental Committees (non-statutory) and are representative of the interests concerned.

The foregoing lists do not include the State Management Districts Council, a non-statutory Council constituted in 1921 to advise the Home Secretary and the Secretary of State for Scotland in matters affecting schemes of State Management of the liquor trade; the Standing Commission on Museums and Galleries (non-statutory) constituted in 1930, which includes a representative of the Scottish Institutions; and the National Advisory Council and Committees constituted under the Physical Training and Recreation Act, 1937.