HC Deb 18 March 1937 vol 321 c2271W
Sir N. Grattan-Doyle

asked the Attorney-General whether his attention has been called to the expenditure incurred at the recent London County Council elections by persons other than candidates and their election agents; and whether he proposes to take any action in the matter?

The Attorney-General

No, Sir. My attention has not been called to any such expenditure. If, however, my hon. Friend has any information which he thinks ought to be brought to my attention I will, of course, consider it.

Statement showing increases in the prices of certain Building Materials from January, 1935, to March, 1937.
Article. Unit. Swansea Prices. Increases England and Wales (certain typical areas).
1st January, 1935. 1st March, 1937.
Carcassing Standard £21 £20 10s. Varies up to £5.
Joinery Standard £24 10s. £24 Varies up to £7 11s.
Flooring Square 21s. 6d. 20s. Varies up to 4s.
Bricks (common) 1,000 48s. 47s. Prices mostly unchanged. Two increases of 6s. and 13s. 6d. respectively.
Cement Ton 46s. 44s. Varying from decrease of 2s. to increase of 8s. 9d.
Slates 1,000 £25 4s. £26 9s. 2½d. Increases (but not general) up to £2.
Rainwater pipes Yard lin. 1s. 11½d. 2s. 7d. Varies up. to 10½d.
Rainwater gutters Yard lin. 1s. 5d. 1s. 10½d. Varies up to 8£d.
Soil pipes Yard lin. 3s. 9½d. 4s. 11¾d. Varies up to is. 7½d.
Kitchen range Each £7 12s. 6d. £8 8s. Varying increases according to type.
Bath Each £4 5s. 10d. £A 9s. Ranging from decrease of 9s. 6d. to increase of 12s. 6d.
Glass Foot sup. 3½d. 2¼d. Mostly decreases varying from ⅛d. to 1⅝d.
Paint materials:
White lead Cwt. £1 5s. 9d. £3 5s. 9d. Varies up to £1 3s.
Linseed oil (boiled) Gallon 2s. 2d. 3s. 1d. Varies up to 1s. 1d.
Turpentine Gallon 4s. 3s. 9d. Mostly decreases varying down to 1s. 11d.