HC Deb 17 December 1937 vol 330 c1487W
Mr. Kelly

asked the Minister of Health how many carriers have been detained in London hospitals since December last; of what diseases are they said to be carriers; how are these carriers diagnosed; under what legal regulations are they detained in hospital; whether they are isolated or mix with other patients; and who decides how long they are to stay in hospital?

Sir K. Wood

I am informed that carriers are not admitted to the London County Council's infectious diseases hospitals, the only cases admitted being persons suffering from such diseases. Patients who have ceased to show any clinical symptoms or physical signs of

1934 1935 1936
£ £ £
Wheat Deficiency Payments* 6,781,504 5,611,276 1,340,367
Beet Sugar Subsidy 4,449,883 2,285,570 2,980,978
Beet Sugar Rebate of Taxation 2,882,000 2,660,000 2,407,000
Cattle (Payments to Producers) 1,899,042 (7 months) 3,597,492 3,715,322
Milk (Payments to Milk Marketing Boards) 1,233,060 1,713,454 938,598
17,245,489 15,867,792 11,382,265
* These amounts were paid out of the Wheat Fund under the Wheat Act, 1932. The periods covered are the cereal years ended 31st July, 1935, 1936 and 1937.