HC Deb 09 April 1937 vol 322 cc499-500W
Mr. Short

asked the Minister of Labour how many persons in Doncaster, Adwick-le-Street and Bentley have been unem- ployed for more than five, four, three, two years and one year, respectively?

Mr. E. Brown

The available figures relate to the area served by the Doncaster Employment Exchange. Among persons applying for insurance benefit or unemployment allowances at 15th March, 1937, at that Exchange, 201 had been continuously on the register for five years or more, 182 for four but less than five years, 173 for three but less than four years, 231 for two but less than three years, and 399 for one year but less than two years. Corresponding figures are not available in respect of persons registered as unemployed who were not applicants for insurance benefit or unemployment allowances. Of the persons who had been on the register for extended periods a proportion, which increases as the period on the register increases, will have had one or more short spells of employment, lasting not more than three days each, during such periods.

Mr. Short

asked the Minister of Labour what was the total number of unemployed men, women and boys and girls, respectively, in Doncaster, Adwick-le-Street, and Bentley on the last available date; and how do these figures compare with a year ago?

Mr. E. Brown

The table below shows the numbers of unemployed men, boys, women and girls on the registers of the Doncaster Employment Exchange at 15th March, 1937, and at 23rd March, 1936. Separate figures are not available for Adwick-le-Street and Bentley, which are within the area of the Doncaster Employment Exchange.

15th March, 1937. 23rd March, 1936.
Men, aged 18 and over 4,359 5,507
Boys, aged 14–17 281 355
Women, aged 18 and over. 494 451
Girls, aged 14–17 493 485
Total, aged 14 and over. 5,627 6,798