HC Deb 01 May 1936 vol 311 cc1235-6W

asked the Minister of Labour in what proportions the unemployment benefits of, approximately, £36,500,000 paid in respect of male contributors and the £6,500,000 paid in respect of female contributors between March, 1935, and March, 1936, were distributed as between men, their wives, children, and other dependants, and as between women, their children, and other dependants; and what was the number of beneficiaries in each of these seven categories?


The sum of 36,500,000 paid to male contributors during the year ended 31st March, 1936

During 1935 to regional medical officers for incapacity references; and the results of their submissions?


The particulars of in capacity references of insured persons to Health the number of insured persons, regional medical officers in England and men and women, respectively, submitted Wales in 1935, are as set out below:

includes approximately £6,975,000 for increases in respect of adult dependants and £2,775,000 for increases in respect of child dependants. The sum of £6,500,000 paid to female contributors includes about £25,000 for increases paid in respect of adult dependants and £25,000 for increases in respect of child dependants. In the case of male claimants the great majority of adult dependants were the wives of the claimants, but precise figures are not available. The average monthly number of persons having claims admitted for benefit was:—Males 695,715, Females 193,361. The average number of dependants in respect of whom an increase was authorised was:—

Male Claimants. Female Claimants.
Adult dependants 354,702 1,180
Child dependants 524,619 4,564