HC Deb 05 March 1936 vol 309 cc1584-5W

asked the Home Secretary how many prosecutions took place in England and Wales and in the county of London in each year from 1931 to 1935 under the Shops Act for failure to close retail shops at the statutory hour; how many of these related to the month of December in each year; how many convictions were obtained; and what was the total amount inflicted in fines during the years 1931 to 1935 in England, Wales, and the county of London, respectively?


Following is the information:

Proceedings for offences against the Shops Acts.
1931. 1932. 1933. 1934. 1935.
England and Wales (see Notes). 2,723 2,597 2,320 2,423 (Not available.)
County of London —
Whole year 922 898 806 881 1,370
December 101 50 99 85 1,289
Amount of fines £924 £892 £808 £1,239 £1,673
Notes.—These figures which have been taken from the Criminal Statistics relate to proceedings for all offences against the Shops Acts. No other information is available.
In the case of the County of London the figures, which have been specially obtained, relate only to proceedings for failure to close shops.