HC Deb 16 July 1936 vol 314 cc2247-8W

asked the Secretary of State for Scotland the amounts paid by Airdrie in respect of able-bodied unemployed within the scope of the Unemployment Act, 1934, and outside the scope of the Act, respectively, also for temporary sick, i.e., persons who would be in those categories but for temporary sickness; for administrative expenses in respect of able-bodied unemployment in relation to the categories mentioned; and the amount of Government grants paid to Airdrie in respect of each of the said categories, all for the year ended 31st March, 1936?


Exact information as to the expenditure by the local authority during the year ended 31st March, 1936, on persons who may ultimately be held to be within the scope of the Unemployment Assistance Act, 1934, is not available. The following table, however, shows the information desired so far as it can be estimated from figures obtained from the local authority:

(a) Estimated expenditure on outdoor relief to the able-bodied unemployed during the year ended 31st March. 1936:
(i) on those within scope of the £ Act 4,027
(ii) on those outwith scope 1,461
Total £5,488*
(b) Estimated expenditure on administration of able-bodied relief during year ended 31st March, 1936 250*
Estimated saving to the local authority when those within scope of the Act are transferred to the Unemployment Assistance Board 150
(c) Specific Government Grant under the Unemployment Assistance (Temporary Provisions) Act, 1935, for year ended 31st March, 1936, in respect of persons within the scope of the Unemployment Assistance Act, 1934:
Gross Grant 5,859
Less local authority's contribution under Section 45 of the Unemployment Act, 1934 £2,020
Net Grant £3,839

* These sums are included within the local authority's "rate and grant borne expenditure" which is met partly out of the rates and partly by block grant. The figures do not include the cost of assistance to those able-bodied unemployed who have already been taken over by the Unemployment Assistance Board.

I regret that no information is available as to expenditure during the year on persons who, but for temporary sickness, would have been classed as able-bodied, but the amount would be small and would not materially affect the estimated figures given above.