HC Deb 24 February 1936 vol 309 c60W

asked the Minister of Agriculture the retail price per pint and the consumption of liquid milk per head of the population in the following countries, respectively: Germany, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Holland, Belgium, and France?


According to such information as is available, the retail price per pint and the annual per caput consumption of liquid milk in the countries specified in the question were as follow:

Retail Price per pint in pence. October, 1934. Average Annual consumption per head.
Pints. Year.
Germany 2.6 180 1934
Sweden 1.6 320 1934–5
Norway 1.9 386 1927
Denmark 1.7 317 (includes cream) 1932
Holland 2.3 246 (includes cream) not known
Belgium 1.6 130 1933
France 2.5 187 1934
The figures of consumption are not strictly comparable as they relate to different years, and in some cases cover only the urban population and also include cream; comparability may also be affected by the methods employed in making the estimates in the different countries. The prices are those ruling in the month of October, 1934, as published in the International Labour Office Report of 1935, but convert ed to English currency at the average rates of exchange prevailing in that month.