HC Deb 07 December 1936 vol 318 cc1652-3W

asked the Minister of Labour whether he will state the number of appeals to the umpire from courts of referees during each of the last three years, showing how many of such appeals were at the instance of the insurance officer, how many at the instance of an association of employed persons, how many at the instance of the claimant where the court of referees was not unanimous, and in how many cases with

Decisions by the Umpire, during the under-mentioned periods, on appeals against decisions of Courts of Referees.
Total number of decisions by Umpire. Number of cases included in previous column in which appeal was successful.
1st November, 1933—31st October, 1934:—
Appeals by Insurance Officers
(a) against allowance 3,980 2,971
(b) against disallowance 3,015 1,905
Appeals by claimants 5,561 1,449
Appeals by Associations 2,247 772
1st November, 1934—31st October, 1935:—
Appeals by Insurance Officers
(a) against allowance 2,478 1,935
(b) against disallowance 2,229 1,370
Appeals by claimants 3,436 1,267
Appeals by Associations 1,522 539
1st November, 1935—31st October, 1936:—
Appeals by Insurance Officers
(a) against allowance 1,665 1,424
(b) against disallowance 1,619 884
Appeals by claimants 2,413 862
Appeals by Associations 1,677 640
Separate statistics are not available dividing the number of appeals by claimants between those where the decision of the Court of Referees was not unanimous and those where the appeal was made with the leave of the Chairman.
The figures include test cases, and the total numbers of individuals concerned is not known.