HC Deb 03 December 1936 vol 318 cc1456-7W

asked the Home Secretary whether Lieut.-Colonel Lucas, who has recently been appointed chief constable of the Monmouthshire constabulary, has had any practical experience of police duty in England and Wales; and whether, in view of the present practice of reserving all chief positions in the police forces for military or naval officers and of the inability of ranker policemen to attain the rank of chief constable, he will take steps to increase the pay and allowances of policemen who will be prevented from obtaining higher rank than that of superintendent?


Colonel Lucas had not previously served in this country, but had long experience with the Egyptian police. There is no ground for the suggestion in the second part of the question. Many chief constables now serving, and many of those recently appointed, have risen from the ranks.


asked the Secretary of State for Scotland whether he has any statement to make in connection with the inestigation by the county council of Argyll into promotions made by the chief constable for that county?


As a result of the investigation referred to by the hon. Member the Argyll County Council found that a promise of promotion to the rank of Inspector had been given by or on behalf of the Chief Constable to a Sergeant and that the post had been filled by the incompetent promotion of another Sergeant. The County Council recorded their concern at the Chief Constable's actions and took steps to secure the termination of the incompetent promotion.