HC Deb 27 May 1935 vol 302 cc778-80W

asked the Financial Secretary to the Treasury the services in Scotland to which the Goschen formula applies, and the amounts paid to each of those services in accordance with that formula in the years 1930, 1931, 1932, 1933, and 1934?


pursuant to his reply [OFFICIAL REPORT, 20th May, 1935; col.

Statement of services in Scotland to which the Goschen formula applies.
Expenditure on those services in the financial years 1930–1934
Vote. Expenditure in.
1930. 1931. 1932. 1933. 1934.
1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6.
£ £ £ £ £
Public Education, Scotland:
(i) Part of General Aid Grant (a) 4,163,145 4,122,323 3,645,320 3,431,912 3,623,206
(ii) Grant for teachers' superannuation.(b) 718,886 777,312 829,232 930,772 975,235
Department of Health, Scotland:
(i) Housing (Rural Authorities) Act, 1931. (c) 232 3,055
(ii) Rural Water Supplies Act, 1934.(d) 662
Department of Agriculture, Scotland:
Grants for scholarships for sons and daughters of agricultural workers, etc 2,223 2,174 1,692 1,958 1,918
Grants in respect of Employment Schemes (Necessitous Areas) Scotland. (e) 39,341 16,196 4,463
Grants to Local Authorities in Distressed Areas (Scotland) 60,000 55,000

(a)The Exchequer grant for Education in Scotland, calculated in accordance with Section 21 (1) of the Education (Scotland) Act, 1918, consists of two parts—(i) a sum equal to the total grant for Scottish Education (with certain exceptions) in 1913, and (ii) 11 /80ths of the amount by which the grant for Education in England and Wales in any year exceeds the grant in 1913 (with exceptions as in the case of the Scottish basic grant). The figures given in the statement above relate only to (ii); the figure of expenditure under (i) for each of the financial years 1930–1934 was £2, 306, 835.

(b)The Goschen formula applies not only to Exchequer payments in respect of teachers' superannuation in Scotland but also to Exchequer receipts. The Exchequer receives from Scotland 11 /80ths of the superannuation contributions paid by teachers and their employers in England and Wales. The payments made to the Exchequer under this head were:

1930. 1931. 1932.
£728,475 £705,926 £664,255
1933. 1934.
£675,219 £717,035

(c)The Housing (Rural Authorities) Act, 1931, limited the contributions to be made by the Ministry of Health and the Department of Health for Scotland to 80/91sts and 11 /91sts respectively of a total sum of £2,000,000. Actual expenditure is shown in Columns 5 and 6.

25, Vol. 302] supplied the following information:.

(d) The Rural Water Supplies Act, 1934, made available for Scotland £137,000, being 11 /80ths of the sum of £1,000,000 made available for England and Wales. Actual expenditure to 31st March, 1935, is shown in Column 6.

(e) The sum of £60,000 was provided in 1930 for Grants in respect of Employment Schemes (Necessitous Areas) Scotland, and revoted in 1931. Actual expenditure is shown in Columns 3, 4 and 5. The amounts shown in Columns 4 and 5 were borne by the Civil Contingencies Fund and included in the 1933 and 1934 Votes for Repayments to that Fund, this procedure being required by the fact that expenditure was delayed until a date when the Necessitous Areas Vote had ceased to exist.