HC Deb 02 May 1935 vol 301 cc561-2W

asked the Minister of Labour the localities of the 11 training centres and the 53 educational centres, indicating in the latter case those centres which will include summer camp which will be carried on this year by his Department?


The numbers mentioned in the question are those of the training and instructional centres for which provision is proposed in the 1935 Estimates. There are at present in operation nine training centres and 31 instructional centres or summer camps, particulars of which follow:

Training Centres and Instructional Centres for Unemployed Men.

I. Training Centres (9), at which selected men from the scheduled depressed and certain other areas are given a six months' intensive course in a trade.

The centres are non-residential, the men living in lodgings near the centre.

  • Birmingham (Garrison Lane).
  • Wallsend-on-Tyne (The Stadium).
  • Bristol (Radnor Road, Horfield).
  • Glasgow (Cowlairs Road, Springburn).
  • Park Royal (Gorst Road, Park Royal Road, N.W.10).
  • Watford (Southwold Road).
  • Letchworth (Pixmore Avenue).
  • Waddon (Stafford Road, Waddon, near Croydon).
  • Slough (Slough Trading Estate).

II. Instructional centres (16), at which selected men from areas of prolonged and heavy unemployment are given a three months' re-conditioning course to fit them for labouring work.


  • Carshalton (St. Heliers Estate, Selby Green, Carshalton, Surrey).
  • Rheola (Resolvern, Glamorganshire).


  • Bourne (Lincolnshire).
  • Fermyn Woods (Brigstock, near Kettering, Northants).
  • Shobdon (near Leominster, Herefordshire).
  • Weeting (near Brandon, Suffolk).
  • High Lodge (near Brandon, Suffolk).
  • West Tofts (Mundford, Norfolk).
  • Cranwich (Cranwich Heath, Mundford, Norfolk).
  • Carstairs (Lampits Farm, Carstairs Junction, Lanarkshire).
  • Glenbranter (near Strachur, Argyllshire).
  • Kielder (Northumberland).
  • Allerston (Low Dalby, Thornton-le-Dale, Yorks).
  • Hamsterley (Bedburn, Hamsterley, Witton-le-Wear, R.S.O., Co. Durham).
  • Kershopefoot (Newcastleton, Roxburghshire).
  • Brechfa (Treglog, Llansawel, Llandilo, Carmarthenshire).

In addition to the above, summer camps have been opened at:

  • Kirkby Underwood, Pickoworth Woods, and Aslackby, attached to Bourn Centre, Lincs.
  • Wigmore Forest and Presteign, attached to Shobdon Centre, Herefordshire.
  • Drayton Woods, attached to Fermyn Woods Centre, Northants.
  • Harling, attached to High Lodge Centre, Norfolk.
  • Lynn Road (to open 16th May), attached to Weeting Centre, near Brandon, Suffolk.
  • Cynarth, attached to Brechfa, Centre, Carmarthenshire.
  • Ballemeanoch, attached to Glenbranter Centre, Argyllshire.
  • Whickhope, attached to Kielder Centre, Northumberland.
  • Hockham Heath, attached to West Tofts Centre, Norfolk.
  • Glangwili (Alt-Walis Road, Carmarthen), unattached.
  • Redesdale Summer Camp (Low Byrness, Otterburn, Newcastle-on-Tyne), unattached.
  • Gilling (Brandsby, Yorks), unattached.