HC Deb 20 December 1935 vol 307 cc2142-4W

asked the Prime Minister whether he will consider the desirability of issuing a statement showing what action has been taken to give effect to the recommendations of the Committee on the Medical Branches of the Fighting Services (Cmd. 4394)?


I have been asked to reply. As was explained in the House on 1st May, 1934, the Government have adopted the recommendations of the Committee in their application to the medical branches of the Army and Royal Air Force. As regards the Royal Navy it was considered necessary to modify the scheme recommended in certain particulars. The changes which were duly promulgated took effect from the above mentioned date and I am sending my hon. and gallant Friend a copy of the

Name of Commission or Committee. Object of Inquiry. Date of Appointment. Remarks.
Traffic Signs To make recommendations as to the exercise of the powers of the Ministry of Transport. November, 1931 Reported May, 1933.
Dormant Funds To inquire and report upon existing arrangements relating to Dormant Funds in the High Court, and to unclaimed balances and other balances in the County Courts, and to make such recommendations as the Committee may think fit. December, 1931 Reported July, 1932.
Post Office Constitution. To inquire and report as to whether any changes in the constitution, status or system of organisation of the Post Office would be in the public interest. February, 1932 Reported August, 1932.
Road and Rail Transport. To consider (1) Incidence of highway costs in relation to different types of vehicles (2) Nature and extent of regulation to be applied to road and rail transport, (3) Recommendations to assist two sides of industry to work under equitable conditions. April, 1932 Reported July, 1932.
Co-operative Societies (Income Tax). To inquire into the present position of the Co-operative Societies in relation to Income Tax and to report any modifications that might be desirable. May, 1932 Reported January 1933.
Lotteries, Betting and Gambling (Royal Commission). To inquire into the existing law and practice there under relating to lotteries, betting, gambling and cognate matters and to report changes, if any, that are desirable and practicable. May, 1932 Reported June, 1933.
Sterilisation of Mental Defectives. To examine and report upon information available regarding causes of mental disorder; to consider the value of sterilisation as a preventive measure and to suggest what further inquiries might usefully be undertaken. June, 1932 Reported January, 1934.

relevant Fleet, Army and Air Ministry Orders.