HC Deb 19 December 1935 vol 307 c1964W

asked the President of the Board of Education how many schools not in receipts of grants from public funds there are in the administrative county of Surrey; how many have declared themselves open to inspection by the Board; and how many have been inspected since such declaration?


The number of schools in Surrey not in receipts of grants from public funds of which the Board have official cognizance is 649. This total is made up as follows:

(a) Schools which have complied with Section 155 (1) (b) of the Education Act, 1921 575
(b) Schools open to the Board's inspection under Section 147 of Education Act, 1921 17
(c) Schools recogniasd as efficient 57

I am not able to say whether any of the schools under (a) have ceased to exist since they were notified to the Board and, if so, how many. Nor can I say whether there may be others in existence in which have not complied with their statutory duty under Section 115 of the Act. Of the 649 schools, 74, i.e., those in categories (b) and (c) are open to the Board's inspection and have been inspected.