HC Deb 19 December 1935 vol 307 c1969W

asked the Secretary for Mines whether he can state the percentage of the output of coal that was carried by mechanical conveyors in each of the 25 areas mentioned in the annual report of his Department; the amount and percentage of coal transported by electric battery locomotives; the amount and percentage transported by stationary motor haulers at or near the coal face; and the amount and percentage carried by other mechanical means at or near the coal face in 1934?


The percentage proportion of the total output of coal carried by mechanical conveyors in each district in 1934 was as follows:

District. Percentage proportion.
England and Wales.
Northumberland 36.0
Durham 15.7
Cumberland and Westmorland 15.2
Lancashire and Cheshire 42.1
Yorkshire, South 39.7
Yorkshire, West 14.1
Nottinghamshire 60.5
Derbyshire, North 41.7
Derbyshire, South 36.2
Staffordshire, North 79.5
Cannock Chase 34.0
South Staffs, and Worcester 4.0
Leicestershire 32.6
Warwickshire 68.5
Shropshire Nil
Forest of Dean 7.0
Somerset 14.4
Bristol 3.8
Kent 82.5
South Wales and Monmouth 25.6
North Wales 69.6
Fife and Clackmannan 75.8
Lothians (Mid and East) 50.9
Lanarkshire, etc. 37.5
Ayrshire, etc. 24.4
Great Britain 36.9

The remainder of the information asked for is not available.