HC Deb 10 December 1935 vol 307 cc749-50W

asked the Minister of Health what progress has been made in the surveys by local authorities under the provisions of the Housing Act, 1935, to determine the extent of overcrowding in their respective areas?


I have fixed the first April, 1936, as the date by which the survey should be completed, and I have

Country. Unit of Currency. Exports of merchandise. Increase in 1934 as compared with 1932.
1929. 1932. 1934.
United States Thous. Dollars 5,157,083 1,576,151 2,100,728 524,577
Japan (a) Thous. Yen 2,100,901 1,361,809 2,133,706 771,897
Canada Thous. Dollars 1,174,389 489,830 647,954 158,124
Argentine Republic Thous. Pesos (paper) 2,167,600 1,287,753 1,438,408 150,655
Sweden Thous. Kronor 1,812,307 947,398 1,302,333 354,935
Denmark Thous. Kroner 1,615,267 1,086,405 1,175,504 89,099
United Kingdom Thous. £ 729,349 365,024 395,986 30,962
(a) Figures relate to the foreign trade of Japan proper (i.e. excluding Korea and Formosa).
NOTE.—The above particulars relate to exports of domestic produce and manufactures.

every reason to believe that local authorities generally will complete the task in the allotted time. In most areas the survey has already started or will be commenced at an early date.