HC Deb 27 November 1934 vol 295 cc687-8W
Marquess of TITCHFIELD

asked the Minister of Agriculture what was the average price of malting barley in October, 1934; and what was the average price at the same date last year?


Owing to the wide range in the price obtained for barley of malting quality, any comparison of average prices would tend to be misleading. The following quotations show the trend of prices of barley of malting quality in October, 1933 and 1934:

(1) Quotations from the Ministry's Reporters at Hull and London for home-grown barley.

1933. 1934.
Per cwt. Per cwt.
Hull 6s. 3d. to 10s. 7b. 6d. to 9s.
London 8s. 9d. to 16s. 3d. 8s. 9d. to 12s. 6d.

These prices are f.o.r. at farmer's nearest station.

(2) Quotations from "London Corn Circular."

1933. 1934.
Per cwt. Per cwt.
English 7s. to 15s. 7s. to 13s. 9d
Californian 8s. to 10s. 10s. to 12s.
Chechoslovakian 13s to 14s. 13s. 6d.

English is quoted f.o.r. farmer's nearest station, Californian on spot, and Czechoslovakian ex-ship. The 10 per cent. ad valorem duty is included in the prices of imported barley.

The average price of English barley (both malting and feeding) as ascertained under the Corn Returns Act, 1822, was 10s. 2d. per cwt. in October, 1933, and 9s. 5d. per cwt. in October, 1934.