HC Deb 07 November 1934 vol 293 c1048W

asked the Minister of Transport what is the approximate cost of the beacons to be erected in the London area to mark pedestrian crossing-places; and for what reason the light on these beacons, in the same way as traffic lights, is not placed at such a height as to be at the eye elevel of the driver of the average motor car?


The approximate cost of providing and erecting a beacon is 30s. The globes are fixed, in the same way as traffic light signals, at about seven feet above the footway so as to allow sufficient clearance for pedestrians.

Captain WATT

asked the Minister of Transport whether he has considered the problem of the delay and congestion of vehicular traffic which may be caused on busy thoroughfares at pedestrian crossings which are not controlled by the police or light signals by the operation of the regulation recently announced which provides that every foot passenger who is on the carriage-way at such crossing shall have precedence over all vehicular traffic at such crossing; and what measures are being taken to prevent such delay?


The effect of the pedestrian crossing regulations upon the movement of vehicular traffic is being carefully watched by the officers of my Department and by the police. The evidence so far is that time lost by vehicles at the crossings is made up between the crossings, as pedestrians are more and more using the crossings in preference to other parts of the carriageway.