HC Deb 01 November 1934 vol 293 cc376-7W

asked the President of the Board of Trade if he is aware that the Russian authorities have agreed recently to purchase 170,000 barrels of herrings from Holland on 12 months' credit; and if similar credit facilities will be arranged for the herring exporters of Great Britain in view of the economic distress caused by the present state of the herring-fishing industry?


I am informed that certain private firms in Holland have recently concluded the sale of 25,000 barrels of herrings to Russia. This is no doubt the transaction to which my hon. Friend refers. I have no information as to the terms of credit, if any, that were offered. The Advisory Committee to the Export Credits Guarantee Department are open to consider applications for guarantees by exporters of goods produced or manufactured in the United Kingdom, and they will be willing to consider any specific applications by exporters of herrings.

STATEMENT showing war material covered by licences issued for export to China and Japan in June, July, August, September and October, 1934.
China. Japan.
June, 1934.
Mine-laying and mine-sweeping equipment. Nil.
Spare parts for 5" machine guns.
20,000 lbs. tri-nitro-toluol.
July, 1934.
Nil. 32 track roller assemblies for light-armoured vehicles.
August, 1934.
6,000 rounds 47m/m ammunition. 4 .303" machine guns.
6 belt filling machines. 4 sets spare parts for .303" machine guns.
4 6-ton tanks each equipped with 1 47 m/m gun and 1 machine gun.
4 light amphibian tanks each equipped with 1 machine gun.
2,860 rounds 47m/m ammunition.
September, 1934.
2,000 7.92m/m rifle cartridges 3 7.7 m/m machine guns with spare parts and accessories.
50 20m/m machine gun cartridges. 1 machine gun mounting ring.
1 set interrupter gear.
October, 1934.
Spare parts for 6-ton tanks and amphibian tanks. Nil.