HC Deb 17 May 1934 vol 289 cc1956-7W

asked the Financial Secretary to the Treasury how many vacancies for executive officers have been filled since 26th July last, respectively, by the transfer of such officers from other Departments, by promotion from the clerical grade, by recruitment after examination, or by the transfer within the Departments concerned of clerical officers (with allowances) formerly of P-class (salaried officer) status to posts vacated by executive officers, indicating in which Departments the vacancies have arisen, and by which method each Department concerned has filled such vacancies?


As regards the first and third parts of the question, the information desired is as follows :

Vacancies in the General Executive Class filled since 26th July, 1933.
Department. By open competition. By transfer from other Departments.
Customs and Excise 45 6
Education, Board of 1
Inland Revenue Department 15 8
Labour, Ministry of 4
National Debt Office 2
Post Office 17
Principal Probate Registry 1
Public Trustee Office 5
Scottish Education Department. 1
War Office 4
92 17

As regards the second part of the question, information regarding promotion from the clerical to the general executive officer grade is based on returns rendered by Departments for complete financial years. Particulars in respect of the financial year ended 31st March, 1934, are not yet available.

As regards the fourth part of the question, eight clerical officers (with allowances as ex "P" class salaried officers) have been employed in the Ministry of Pensions in posts vacated by executive officers.