HC Deb 29 March 1934 vol 287 cc2149-51W

asked the Minister of Agriculture whether he is aware that notices are being served on owners of property in Lancashire requiring them to agree to the payment of compensation and costs to the lord of the manor for the extinguishment of manorial incidents; that such compensation amounts in some cases to as much as 78 times the annual value and the costs to 720 times the annual value; what is the authority for such requests; and whether he is prepared to take any steps to put a stop to such exorbitant charges?


I am aware that lords of manors in Lancashire, in common with those in other parts of the country, are inviting their tenants to enter into compensation agreements for the extinguishment of manorial incidents; but the terms offered do not fall within my jurisdiction, and I have little information concerning them. While lords of manors cannot compel their tenants to agree the amount of compensation for extinguishment, they have the power under Section 138 (1) (b) of the Law of Property Act, 1922, to serve notices requiring the ascertainment of the amount of such compensation. In the absence of agreement, the amount is normally ascertained in accordance with the scale set out in Part II of the Thirteenth Schedule to that Act, by a valuer whose decision is subject to the Ministry's approval. Unless there are compulsory proceedings under the Section referred to, and they are brought formally to the notice of my Department, I have no power to intervene in the matter.