HC Deb 11 June 1934 vol 290 cc1356-7W

asked the Minister of Labour what is the number of persons who have been refused benefits at the Chatham (Kent) Employment Exchanges during the three months ended 31st May, 1934, and the reason for the refusals, respectively?


Statistics of disallowances of claims to benefit are compiled in respect of the various courts of referees and are not available for individual Employment Exchanges. The following table gives figures in respect of the Chatham court of referees, to which cases are referred from the Sheerness and Sittingbourne Employment Exchanges as well as from the Chatham Employment Exchange.

Applications for insurance benefit and transitional payments disallowed by the Chatham court of referees during the period 1st March, 1934, to 31st May, 1934.

Ground of Disallowance and Number of cases disallowed.
First Statutory Condition (Juveniles only) 2
Less than eight contributions paid in past two years and less than 30 contributions paid at any time 6
Not normally insurable and/or will not normally seek to obtain livelihood by means of insurable employment 82
Anomalies regulations:
Class (b)—Seasonal Workers 5
Class (d)—Married Women 19
Class (c)—Persons who normally or habitually work for not more than two days in the week 2
Employment left voluntarily without just cause 77
Employment lost through misconduct 20
Failure or refusal to apply for or accept suitable employment, or failure to carry out written directions 48
Not unemployed 18
Not capable of work, or not available for work 13
Other grounds 7
Total 299

The figures relate to applications, and the number of separate individuals concerned is not available.