HC Deb 05 June 1934 vol 290 c765W

asked the Minister of Health the number of appeals made to him from the orders of local authorities under the Housing Act, 1925, the Housing Act, 1930, Section 46, and the Town and Country Planning Act, 1932, respectively; and also in each instance the numbers of such appeals which have been successful, partially successful, and unsuccessful, repectively?


I presume that my hon. Friend is referring to the number of cases where, in connection with slum schemes, owners of property have objected to demolition or to acquisition by the local authority at site value only, and to my decisions on those cases after the holding of a public local inquiry, and if that is so, no statistics of the kind he requires are available; nor do I think that the value of such statistics would be commensurate with the labour which would be entailed in obtaining them. The number of appeals made under the Town and Country Planning Act, 1932, and previous Acts and falling to be dealt with under the Act of 1932, up to the end of last month, was 592. Of these 40 were successful, 19 partially successful and 133 unsuccessful. In addition, agreement was reached between the parties to the appeal in 61 cases, and in 154 cases the appeal was not proceeded with.