HC Deb 31 July 1934 vol 292 cc2465-7W
Captain GUEST

asked the Minister of Health (1) whether he is aware that, under the City of Plymouth (Granby Street and Lane) Compulsory Purchase Order, 1934, which it is understood will shortly be approved by the Ministry, there are included three cottages, Nos. 13, 14 and 15, Granby Street, which were reconditioned by the owner-occupiers in 1928 at a cost of £300, a mortgage being raised for that purpose which is still outstanding; whether he is aware that the owner-occupiers, who let rooms as furnished lodgings, are dependent on the property for their livelihood; and whether he will take steps to see that, as this is a case of genuine hardship, the owners will receive reasonable compensation instead of less than site value as at present intended;

(2) whether he is aware that, following the recent public inquiry held at Plymouth on the City of Plymouth (Granby Street and Lane) Compulsory Purchase Order, 1934, the Ministry is about to confirm such Order, there being included therein the acquisition of a cottage (No. 3, Granby Street, Plymouth) by the local authority at less than site value; that, as a result of a sanitary order in December, 1931, the cottage was thoroughly reconditioned at a cost of £105 15s. to the satisfaction of the local authority; and, as the property is now in a good state of repair, the tenants expressing satisfaction with the property and the owner being a poor lodging-house keeper living in the area to whom the loss will be a hardship, will he take steps to see that reasonable compensation is paid;

(3) whether he is aware that, under the City of Plymouth (Granby Street and Lane) Compulsory Purchase Order, 1934, there is included No. 7, Granby Street, which is owned by a builders' labourer, who, relying on the income from such property, has purchased another house near the area for his own occupation, subject to a heavy mortgage which it will be impossible for him to discharge out of his wages; and whether, the property being said to be in good condition, he will give special consideration to this case?


I am aware from the report made by my inspector who held the local inquiry into this Order and visited all the properties in the area that the properties mentioned in these questions were repaired at the instance of the local authority. After careful consideration, however, of the evidence given at the local inquiry and of the report of the inspector, I was fully satisfied that at the time of the inspection each of the properties was, by reason of disrepair and sanitary defects, unfit for human habitation, that demolition was the most satisfactory method of dealing with them, and that the Order should be confirmed in so far as these properties were concerned. I so informed the Plymouth Corporation on 9th July. There is no provision by which the amount of compensation assessed in the manner provided for by Statute cab be increased.