HC Deb 08 February 1934 vol 285 cc1327-8W
Sir G. FOX

asked the Minister of Transport (1) if he will provide information showing the amount which has been expended upon purchasing and freeing toll roads and toll bridges in Great Britain during each of the past three years, giving details in each case as to the method by which the freeing was achieved;

(2) the number of toll roads and bridges in existence in Great Britain belonging to private individuals or companies, railway companies, local authorities, or his own Department, respectively, at the latest available date and in each of the previous five years;

(3) if he can provide a list giving the names of toll roads and toll bridges in Great Britain, together with the name of the highway or other authority in whose power it lies to take action for their freeing and the class of road on which they are situate?


During the last three years one toll road and six toll bridges have been purchased and freed by local authorities in England and Wales with the assistance of grants from the Road Fund. The number and amount involved in each year are as follow:

Toll Roads. Toll Bridges.
Number. Total Expenditure. Number. Total Expenditure.
£ £
1933 3 43,340
1932 1 2,850 2 5,050
1931 1 3,500

In 1931 the construction of a new bridge enabled an existing toll bridge to be "by-passed" by traffic.

There are the following toll roads and bridges on public highways in England and Wales:

Ownership. Toll Roads. Toll Bridges.
Private individuals and companies. 47 54
Railway companies 3 8
Local authorities 3 8
Ministry of Transport (Menai Bridge). 1
Unknown 1 2
54 73

The number freed (or "by-passed" by new bridge construction) during the last five years is:

Roads. Bridges.
1933 3 (privately owned).
1932 1 (privately owned). 2 (privately owned).
1931 2 (privately owned).
1930 2 (privately owned).
1929 2 (1 privately owned).
(1 Railway Company).

The compilation of a list such as my hon. Friend suggests in his last question would involve a considerable expenditure of time and labour and I hope that, in the circumstances, he will not press for it. A register of the toll roads and bridges on public highways in England and Wales, with such information as is available regarding them is, however, maintained and is open for inspection at the offices of the Ministry. I regret that I have no information regarding toll roads and bridges in Scotland.