HC Deb 24 April 1934 vol 288 cc1557-8W

asked the hon. and gallant Member for Rye, as representing the Forestry Commissioners, how many private individuals since the War have been given money to assist them in planting conifers and hardwoods; and what conditions are attached to these grants?


1,030 private individuals have been given money to assist them in planting conifers and hardwoods since 1925. The numbers prior to that year are not readily available, but may be put at say 300. The conditions now attached to these grants are as follow:

  1. 1. No scheme will be eligible for grant unless it has been approved in writing by the Forestry Commissioners before the commencement of operations. No application for a Grant for planting during the current season will, as a rule, be considered unless the application is submitted before the 1st January.
  2. 2. Grants are for commercial planting only.
  3. 3. All work under the Scheme shall be subject to inspection from time to time by the Commissioners or their authorised representatives.
  4. 4. Any contracts for or incidental to the work shall be placed in Great Britain.
  5. 5. As soon as the Commissioners are satisfied by inspection and otherwise that the planting has been satisfactorily completed, they will certify accordingly. The certificate will state the amount of the grant, 75 per cent. of which will then be due and payable. The balance will be paid four years later provided the Commissioners are satisfied that any necessary beating up has been carried out and the plantation properly established and maintained in terms of Regulation 8.
    • As regards continuing schemes, payments as above stated will be made annually on completion of the year's work, subject to inspection and certification.
  6. 6. Approval of schemes and payment of grants are subject to the work being done within the period or periods stated in the Scheme or such extended time as the Commissioners may in writing authorise.
  7. 7. Any question whether the method of establishing the plantation and the proposed treatment of any area is such as will lead to the establishment of a hardwood crop (for which work Grant No. 2 will be payable) shall be decided by the Commissioners whose decision shall be final.
  8. 8. The recipient of a grant or of 75 per cent. thereof shall establish to the satisfaction of the Commissioners the plantation in respect of which such grant has been made, and shall maintain the same to the satisfaction of the Commissioners for four years from the planting thereof. In the event of the plantation being destroyed or damaged by fire during the four years the recipient shall forthwith replant to the satisfaction of the Commissioners the whole or such parts of the plantation as are destroyed or damaged.

In the event of any recipient of a grant failing to comply with this Regulation such recipient or his legal personal representatives 6hall on demand repay to the Commissioners the amount of the grant with simple interest at 5 per cent. per annum from the date of payment of such grant to the date of repayment. This obligation continues notwithstanding the sale of the property.