HC Deb 30 November 1933 vol 283 cc1068-9W

asked the Minister of Labour the increase or decrease in unemployment figures for each month since 1st October, 1931, for Scotland and England, respectively; the towns or areas where an increase or decrease has taken place; and the trades where there is an increase or decrease?


The increase or decrease in the numbers employed or unemployed in each month since October, 1931, for England and Scotland respectively can be obtained from the figures published each month in the Ministry of Labour Gazette. The changes between October, 1931, and October, 1933, in the rate of unemployment in each of over 700 towns, and in each county in Great Britain can be obtained from the Local Unemployment Index; while the issue of the Ministry of Labour Gazette for November, 1933, includes on pages 414 and 415 figures which show the corresponding changes in each of 101 industry groups. Copies of these publications are in the Library.


asked the Minister of Labour the figures of unemployment at 31st October for each year from 1919 to 1933?


The following statement gives the information desired:—

Unemployed persons on the registers of Employment Exchanges in Great Britain towards the end of October of each year from 1921* to 1933.
Date. Number.
21st October, 1921 1,474,668
23rd October, 1922 1,348,960
22nd October, 1923 1,293,317
27th October, 1924 1,203,229
26th October, 1925 1,232,396
25th October, 1926 1,516,171
24th October, 1927 1,074,032
22nd October, 1928 1,344,187
21st October, 1928 1,214,494
27th October, 1930 2,237,501
26th October, 1931 2,726,092
24th October, 1932 2,747,006
23rd October, 1933 2,298,753
* Comparable figures are not available for 1919 and 1920.