HC Deb 30 November 1933 vol 283 cc1069-70W

asked the Minister of Labour the total number of persons

Determinations by the Glasgow Public Assistance Authority on applications for transitional payments.
Period. Total number of applications.* Allowed at maximum benefit rates. Allowed at lower rates. Needs of applicants held not to justify payment.
12th November, 1931-23rd January, 1932.† 142,323 81,628 46,187 14,508
25th January, 1932–4th November, 1933—
Initial applications 83,435 50,421 18,906 14,108
Renewals and revisions 835,010 571,875 233,761 29,374
* No statistics are available to show the number of individuals concerned.
† The figures for this period include renewals and revisions as well as initial applications. Separate figures for initial applications are not available.

who have been refused benefit under the Anomalies Act up to 10th November, 1933; and the number for Scotland and Glasgow, respectively?


Between 13th October, 1931, and 31st October, 1933, 286,446 claims were disallowed under the Anomalies Regulations by Courts of Referees in Great Britain. The corresponding figures for Scotland and for Glasgow were 37,600 and 11,800 respectively. The figures relate to claims and not to separate individuals.