HC Deb 09 November 1933 vol 281 cc334-5W

asked the Minister of Transport whether, having regard to the increasing number of fatal and other serious accidents resulting from motor traffic on the roads of the country, he proposes to introduce at an early date legislation for the more effective control of all road traffic?


asked the Minister of Transport whether any regulations have yet been made with a view to penalising careless pedestrians and cyclists whose conduct is likely to cause an accident?


asked the Minister of Transport whether, in view of the increasing number of street accidents due to motor vehicles, he intends to introduce legislation for the reimposition of a speed limit in towns and villages?


I am about to issue for general information a preliminary analysis of the accidents which have occurred in the first six months of this year, and I propose to take this information into immediate consideration and to examine what further steps are possible to reduce the present rate of death and injury upon our roads. In doing so I will take into consideration the suggestions of the hon. Members and also those which have reached me from many other quarters. I am not at present prepared to say in what direction, if any, it will be desirable to amend the law or existing regulations as they affect any particular class of traffic, whether vehicular or pedestrian.


asked the Minister of Transport, if, in view of the continuing high total of road accidents, he will consider issuing a regulation requiring all motor vehicles to carry first-aid outfits?


Public service vehicles which operate as express or contract carriages are required, under the existing regulations, to carry first-aid outfits. I am not satisfied there is sufficient justification for placing a. similar obligation on the owners of all motor vehicles.


asked the Home Secretary the number of members of the Metropolitan Police Force who have been killed and the number injured in street accidents during the last 12 months or for such other comparable period for which figures are available?


During the first 10 months of 1933, one member of the force was killed and 374 received injury in street accidents whilst on duty. Of those injured, 179 had to be placed on the sick list.