HC Deb 15 March 1933 vol 275 cc1969-70W

asked the Minister of Agriculture if he is aware of the falling off in the supply of store cattle in this country since the restriction of Irish Free State imports came into force, particularly in the county of Northumberland; whether imports of Canadian store cattle have increased or diminished during the last six months; and whether there is any embargo or restriction against the import of Canadian cattle into the Tyne or elsewhere at the present time and, if so, what are such restrictions?


Entries of store cattle at the markets in England and Wales reported in the Agricultural Market Report show a falling off of 9 per cent. during the period July, 1932, to date, as compared with the previous corresponding period. On the other hand, the information at my disposal does not indicate that, generally speaking, there has been up to the present any marked short-

1931–32 or 1931. 1932–33 or 1932. 1933–34 or 1933.
France Fr. 2,799,830,314 (f) Fr. 2,411,263,577 (d) (f) Fr. 2,839,838,570 (e)
Italy Lire 1,537,622,800 (f) Lire 1,538,923,277 (f) Lire 1,359,222,277 (c)
U.S.A. $360,101,593 $328,906,141 (a) $309,647,536 (b)
(a) Plus $9,750,000 by transfer from special funds, and reappropriations.
(b) Plus $11,341,389 by transfer from Special funds and reapproriation of $2,498,000.
(c) Proposed Estimates.
(d) For 9 months only, due to change of fiscal year.
(e) Original proposed Estimates, subject to amendment.
(f) Original estimates voted; excludes supplementary amendments.

age of store cattle having regard to the prevailing demand. I have received complaints as to a shortage of Irish stores in Northumberland, but I have no positive evidence which would enable me to judge how far these complaints are well founded. In the last six months 2,050 imported Canadian cattle have been licensed out for further feeding as compared with 2,200 in the preceding six months. The importation of Canadian cattle is governed by the provisions of the Importation of Canadian Cattle Order of 1933 which authorises landing only at landing places which have been approved by me. At present, landing places have been approved at the ports of Birkenhead, Glasgow, Cardiff and Dundee, and I am prepared to consider the approval of landing places at other ports if approached by the responsible port authorities.