HC Deb 28 June 1933 vol 279 cc1497-9W

asked the Financial Secretary to the Treasury how many Government committees and commissions are still sitting; when they were appointed; what are the objects of their inquiries;

Name of Commission or Committee. Object of Inquiry. Date of Appointment.
Codification of the Law relating to Income Tax. To make recommendations for the codification and simplification of Income Tax Law. 31st Oct., 1927.
*Deep Diving Equipment. To make recommendations regarding equipment for deep sea diving, etc. 17th Jan., 1930.
*Local Government Officers. To inquire into the recruitment, etc., of Local Government Officers. 15th Sept., 1930.
*Workmen's Compensation (Industrial Diseases). To inquire as to the inclusion of turpentine poisoning and papilloma. 13th Nov., 1930.
Local Government and Public Health Law Consolidation. To consider the grouping of enactments in regard to consolidated legislation. 8th Dec, 1930.
*Industrial Assurance To report on the Law concerning Industrial Assurance and Assurance on the lives of children. 13th April, 1931.
*Thames Floods To consider the organisation for the prevention of damage by floods. 16th April, 1931.
*British Industries Fair Site and Buildings. To consider how permanent accommodation for the London Fair could be provided and financed. 6th May, 1931.
*Medical and Dental branches of Defence Services. To investigate the cause of the shortage of officers and nurses. 19th May, 1931.
Garden Cities To make recommendations as to future development. 29th July, 1931.
*Traffic Signs To make recommendations as to the exercise of the powers of the Minister of Transport. Nov., 1931.
*Mental Disorder and Sterilisation of the Mentally Unfit. To consider the causation of mental disorder and the value of sterilisation as a preventive measure. 9th June, 1932.
Legal Education To consider the organisation of Legal Education in England. 4th Aug., 1932.
*Employment of Prisoners. To recommend improvements in the methods of employing prisoners and of assisting them to obtain employment on discharge. 27th Sept., 1932.
State of Business in the Courts. To report whether greater expedition or economy is practicable in the Courts of Law. 10th Dec, 1932.
*Accounting in Certified Schools. To inquire into methods of accounting in schools certified under the Children Act 1908 21st Nov., 1932.
Trade Marks To report as to the desirability of changes in the law. 30th Jan., 1933.
*Police Administrative Areas (Scotland) To report on the question of dividing Scotland into a smaller number of areas. 9th Feb., 1933.
Overwinding in mine shafts. To inquire into precautions against overwinding. 18th Feb., 1933.
Royal Commission on Newfoundland. To report on the financial situation. 22nd Feb., 1933.
*Housing and slum clearance. To consider methods of securing proper standards of fitness in working class houses and promoting the supply of such houses. 6th March, 1933.
*Gift Coupons Trading To report whether Gift Coupons Trading is detrimental to the public interest. 10th April, 1933.
Imprisonment for Debt To consider the possibility of reducing the number of imprisonments for debt. 23rd June, 1933.

and by what dates it is expected that they will report?


Excluding Standing and Statutory Committees, etc., there are 23 Committees and Commissions which are still sitting, particulars of the dates of their appointment and the objects of their inquiries being as follows:—

With regard to the last part of the hon. Member's question, I understand that the reports of the committees and commissions marked * may be expected in the course of the present year. I am unable to give the probable dates on which the remaining reports may be expected.

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