HC Deb 20 July 1933 vol 280 cc2011-2W

asked the Secretary of State for Scotland the number of hospitals in Scotland provided by local authorities 1931–32 compiled to show, separately, Poor Law hospitals, general hospitals, sanatoria and other institutions for the residential treatment of tuberculosis, maternity homes, and hospitals, not including maternity wards in Poor Law or general hospitals, hospitals for acute infectious disease, homes and hospitals for sick and ailing children under age five, together with the average number of beds provided, expenditure (other than capital expenditure), and average weekly cost per patient for each of the types of institutions indicated; to what extent voluntary hospitals are used to supplement the above services, and the number of beds requisitioned to help each of the types tabulated; and the amounts collected by voluntary subscriptions in 1931–32 in support of voluntary hospitals in Scotland?


The following table shows the number and accommodation of hospitals, classified as desired, provided by Scottish local authorities at 31st December, 1932:

Classification. Number of
Institutions. Beds
(1) Poor Law Hospitals and Poor Law Institutions in which sick beds are provided. 61 5,948*
(2) General Hospitals 5 1,263
(3) Sanatoria and other tuberculosis institutions. 28 4,135†
(4) Maternity Hospitals and Homes. 13 241
(5) Infectious Diseases (including Smallpox) Hospitals. 124 6,594‡
(6) Hospitals and Homes for Sick and Ailing Children under age five. 6 118
*Includes beds in mental observation wards.
†Includes 1,668 tuberculosis beds in infectious diseases hospitals.
‡Excludes 1,668 tuberculosis beds.

Complete information on the other points raised is not available, but I am sending the hon. Member a note giving such information as I have.