HC Deb 21 December 1933 vol 284 cc1489-91W

asked the President of the Board of Trade the weight and value of fish, other than shell-fish, eels,

Table 1.—The quantity and value at first sale of wet fish of British taking landed at ports in Great Britain.
Table 2.—The quantity and declared value of fresh or frozen fish (other than salmon, eels and fresh shell fish), not of British taking, imported into the United Kingdom, distinguishing consignments from (a) Foreign countries and (b) British countries, respectively.
Table 3.—The average value per cwt. at first sale of wet fish of British taking landed at ports in England and Wales and Scotland, respectively.

Month Quantity. Value.
1932. 1933. 1932. 1933.
Cwts. Cwts. £ £
September 1,420,717 1,458,015 1,259,692 1,161,819
October 1,862,912 1,810,948 1,326,133 1,507,110
November 2,347,276 2,215,287 1,482,929 1,452,108
Note. —Particulars of direct landings of fish taken by fishing vessels belonging to His Majesty's Dominions are not recorded separately.

Countries whence consigned and month. Quantity. Declared Value.
1932. 1933. 1932. 1933.
(a) Consigned from Foreign Countries (including Deep Sea Fisheries): Cwts. Cwts. £ £
September 136,487 122,751 192,653 171,506
October 98,537 82,807 128,645 136,111
November 104,329 105,855 137,739 141,401
(b) Consigned from British Countries:
September 2,204 530 2,732 1,058
October 3,274 2,608 3,664 2,571
November 1,505 2,283 2,455 4,163

fish of the salmon species, trout, cured or kippered herring, dried fish or canned fish, landed from British fishing vessels, landed from vessels belonging to British Dominions, imported from abroad, and imported from British Dominions, respectively, during the months of September, October, and November, 1932 and 1933; and the average value per cwt. of the landings of British fish in England and Wales and Scotland, respectively, during the period September to November in 1931, 1932, and 1933?


The precise information desired is not available, but the following tables show for the periods indicated:

Period. England and Wales. Scotland.
Per cwt. Per cwt.
September to November: s. d. s. d.
1931 12 10 15 0
1932 14 7 14 0
1933 15 1 15 0


asked the President of the Board of Trade the total amount of foreign landings and imports of sea fish of all kinds, the importation of which is regulated by orders issued by him under the Sea-Fishing Industry Act, 1933, in each of the three years ended 21st August, or the nearest convenient date, 1931, 1932 and 1933; the total amount of fish landed and imported from the Dominions during each of the same periods; and the total amount of foreign landings and imports of sea fish which will be allowed to enter this country during the year beginning 21st August, 1933?


The particulars asked for in the first part of the question are not available and would not, I think, serve my right hon. and gallant Friend's purpose, as the quantities to be landed under the Sea-Fishing Industry (Regulation of Landing) Order, 1933, are related to the calendar year. The imports from all foreign countries of the categories of fish which are regulated under that Order amounted to 3,078,440 cwts., 2,607,292 cwts., and 2,338,443 cwts. in the years 1930, 1931 and 1932 respectively. The imports of fish of all kinds into the United Kingdom consigned from British countries amounted to 481,566 cwts. in 1930, 504,931 cwts. in 1931, and 365,853 cwts. in 1932. Maximum quantities, aggregating 809,740 cwts., have been assigned to the principal foreign countries for the period 21st August, 1933, to 31st December, 1933, and thereafter maxima, aggregating 2,426,060 cwts., have been assigned for each calendar year. Particulars are given in the Schedule to the Order.