HC Deb 26 April 1933 vol 277 cc105-6W

asked the President of the Board of Trade whether he will give particulars by categories and by countries, for the year 1932 and January and February, 1933, of arms and munitions and naval and military stores, not including sporting arms and munitions, destined for all countries, excluding China and Japan, in respect of which he has issued export licences.


pursuant to his reply [OFFICIAL REPORT, 2nd March, 1933; col. 556, Vol. 275], supplied the following statement:

During the period 1st January, 1932, to 28th February, 1933, 392 licences were issued for the exportation of war material to foreign countries other than China and Japan. The following statement shows, by categories, the nature of the material licensed for export, and the names of the countries of destination.

List of Material.

  1. (1)Cannon and other ordnance; mountings, cartridges and charges therefor.
  2. (2)Machine-guns, machine-rifles, rifles and revolvers.
  3. (3)Machine-gun mountings and interrupter gears.
  4. (4)Projectiles; grenades; ammunition for machine-guns; rifles and revolvers.
  5. (5)Submarine mines.
  6. (6)Depth charges and apparatus for their discharge.
  7. (7)Bombs and bombing apparatus.
  8. (8)Fuses.
  9. (9)Torpedoes and apparatus for their discharge.
  10. (10)Tanks and light armoured vehicles.
  11. (11)Fire-control and gun-sighting apparatus.
  12. (12)Appliances for use with articles in foregoing categories.
  13. (13)Component parts of articles in foregoing categories.
  14. (14)Explosives, e.g. T.N.T., cordite, gunpowder, etc.

Countries of Destination.
Afghanistan. Paraguay.
Argentine. Persia.
Belgium. Peru.
Bolivia. Poland.
Brazil. Portugal.
Colombia. Portuguese India.
Cuba. Portuguese East Africa.
Denmark. Portuguese West Africa.
Dutch East Indies.
Estonia. Rumania.
Finland. Russia.
France. Salvador.
Guatemala. Siam.
Greece. Spain.
Holland. Sweden.
Italy. Switzerland.
Latvia. Turkey.
Lithuania. U.S.A.
Nicaragua. Yugoslavia.