HC Deb 04 May 1932 vol 265 cc1118-9W

asked the Chancellor of the Exchequer the net amount of profits under Schedule D of all limited brewery companies for the past year?


The estimates of brewing profits published from time to time are based upon the profits as assessed to Income Tax. The profits of the year 1931-32 will form the basis of assessment for the year 1932–33 and accordingly no estimate of the profits for 1931–32 can be furnished until the assessments for 1932–33 have been made and tabulated. The assessments for 1932–33 are, of course, not due to be made for some six months or so. The estimated profits of brewing concerns for the year 1929–30 were given in the reply to a question on the 17th February, 1931, a copy of which I am sending the hon. Member.

Major OWEN

asked the Financial Secretary to the Treasury what were the profits in brewing for the last year; and what were the corresponding figures for 1913–14?


I am sending the hon. Member copies of previous replies which give estimates of the profits from the year 1913–14 to the year 1929–30. I am not yet in a position to furnish any estimate of the profits of last year. Estimates are founded on the profits as assessed to Income Tax and the profits of the year 1931–32 being the basis of assessment for the year 1932–33 will not come under assessment until next autumn.