HC Deb 23 February 1932 vol 262 cc220-2W

asked the President of the Board of Education if he will give figures showing, at the latest convenient date, the number and percentage of school meals provided free and for payment, respectively; and the number of children fed by county councils, borough councils,

Number of Meals provided by Local Education Authorities.
Week ended 30th January, 1932.
England and Wales. Free. For Payment. Total. Percentage Free. Percentage for Payment.
Counties (excluding London) 290,910 166,769 457,679 63.6 36.4
London 63,523 82,579 146,102 43.5 56.5
County Boroughs 359,324 30,016 389,340 92.3 7.7
Boroughs 50,383 4,551 54,934 91.7 8.3
Urban Districts 105,155 6,017 111,172 94.6 5.4
Totals 869,295 289,932 1,159,227 75.0 25.0
Number of Children fed.
Week ended 30th January, 1932.
England and Wales. Free. For Payment. Total.
Counties (excluding London) 39,951 35,692 75,643
London 12,757 17,940 30,697
County Boroughs 56,088 7,686 63,774
Boroughs 7,337 997 8,334
Urban Districts 13,559 1,321 14,880
Totals 129,692 63,636 193,328


asked the President of the Board of Education whether he has considered the resolution passed by the Thornaby Town Council, of which a copy was sent to him, requesting that the Provision of Meals Act should be put into operation in the borough; if he is aware of the refusal of the North Riding Education Committee to comply with this request; and what action he proposes to take in this matter?


I have received a copy of the resolution to which the hon. Member refers, but I have as yet no information as to the action taken by the North Riding Education Authority. It is for that authority to decide whether there is a, need in their area for the exercise of their powers to provide meals for school children, and I do not think that I can properly interfere with their discretion in the matter.

and urban district councils, giving each category separately?


The following statement gives the figures in question, for the week ended 30th January last.